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Featuring Demian Dressler, DVM and Sue Ettinger, DVM, Dip. ACVIM (Oncology), authors of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide

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Senior Dog Rectal Cancer Surgery

John’s senior dog has a rectal tumor that might be cancer. But John is worried about complications. Should he go ahead with the procedure?

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Colostrum for Energy in Dogs with Cancer

Is colostrum snake oil? Or is it worth using for a dog with cancer? Dr. Nancy Reese explains why it can help your dog.

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Cold Laser for Cancer in Dogs: What To Know

Does cold laser therapy used on cancer tumors cause them to grow, or to shrink? Dr. Dressler explains when — and when not — to use this type of tool.

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Integrative Oncology Is the Future: An Interview with Dr. Kendra Pope

Dr. Kendra Pope is one of four integrative oncologists practicing in the U.S. She has a lot of advice and straight talk for us humans dealing with dog cancer.

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Why Don’t They Catch Mesothelioma Earlier??

When a rare common has the same symptoms as a common illness, how do vets diagnose it? And why don’t they think of cancer earlier??

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Golden Retriever Lifetime Study — Understanding Cancer Better

If we can catch cancer earlier, treatments work better. The Golden Retriever Lifetime Study is giving us massive amounts of data, and Dr. Janet Patterson-Kane is managing it all.

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I Can’t Afford the Vet Bills … But I Want to Save My Dog!

Today’s episode of Dog Cancer Answers is about a really sensitive subject: what happens when you can’t afford cancer treatments? There are two ways to think about this, and we cover both. First up is the many ways that you can get help with finances. Not all of them might apply to your situation, but…

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Neutering and Dog Prostate Cancer

Does a late-in-life neuter affect prostate cancer risk for dogs? Dr. Dressler reassures, and advises on the use of EverPup in the dog cancer diet.

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Should I Enter My Dog in a Clinical Trial?

There may be a clinical trial that could help your dog. Is it worth it? How do you find one? Dr. Trina Hazzah advises on clinical trials for dogs.

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Dog’s Balls Haven’t Dropped Yet — Is He at Risk for Cancer?

It’s not a common condition, but it happens: a dog’s testicles don’t descend. If your veterinarian can’t find them when they neuter … is that a risk for cancer? Dr. Trina Hazzah answers.

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Hemangiosarcoma: The Last Days

Sharon calls in wondering — is her dog gagging the hemangiosarcoma spreading to the lungs? Or something else? Dr. Trina Hazzah advises.

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Dog Bone Cancer Symptoms & Amputation & Treatments 2021 Update

Why do veterinarians skip biopsies for bone cancer and go right to amputation? Why is there such urgency about amputation? Dr. Dressler gives a high-level overview of dog bone cancer and osteosarcoma symptoms, treatments, and amputation.

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euthanasia for dogs everything you need to know

Dog Euthanasia: What Happens

You probably have a lot of questions about euthanasia for dogs, and a lot of fear. Let us help you navigate this difficult time.

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Apoquel for Dogs and Cancer

People worry about Apoquel causing cancer in dogs. Is this a valid fear? Dr. Nancy Reese investigates.

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Signs a Dog Is Dying

Dogs die in many ways, just like people do. So the signs and symptoms may vary … except for two that show up most of the time. Dr. Dressler explains these subtle signs a lot of us miss.

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Panacur for Cancer In Dogs: Does This Dewormer Work for Dogs with Cancer?

Panacur for cancer in dogs?? It’s a dewormer! #dogcancerconfusion​! Time to ask Dr. Nancy Reese to do some research.

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Dog Cancer Answers Podcast Returns for Season 2 on April 6, 2020

You are going to love listening to this well-produced, timely, informative, inspirational podcast! Dog Cancer Answers returns for Season 2, in partnership with Dog Podcast Network.

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