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Featuring Demian Dressler, DVM and Sue Ettinger, DVM, Dip. ACVIM (Oncology), authors of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide

Dog Cancer Answers Podcast Returns for Season 2 on April 6, 2020

Updated: March 30th, 2020


You are going to love listening to this well-produced, timely, informative, inspirational podcast! Dog Cancer Answers returns for Season 2, in partnership with Dog Podcast Network.

Hey dog guardians, great news! After a long hiatus, our podcast, “Dog Cancer Answers,” is returning on April 6, 2020. You can subscribe now at

We’ve partnered with our new sister media company, Dog Podcast Network, to bring you dozens of informative and inspiring podcast episodes in this coming season. And we’ve totally reformulated the show.

What’s Covered in the Podcast “Dog Cancer Answers”

We’re covering everything we can think of. We have at least a dozen episodes in the works, everything from keto diets to CBD oil to how to give your dog a monthly bumps and lumps exam.

Dr. Demian Dressler and Dr. Sue Ettinger (also known as Dr. Sue Cancer Vet) are our first, recurring guests.

We’ve got Deep Dive episodes, where we will interview leading veterinarians and other canine experts on important subjects related to dog cancer.

We’ve got True Tails episodes, where guardians (maybe you?) will get to tell their True Tail about their own dog’s cancer journey.

And we’ve got Listener Line episodes, where Dr. Dressler, Dr. Ettinger, and other veterinarians answer your questions. If you want to ask a question, call our 24-hour Listener Line at +1 (808) 868-3200 and leave your question.

Super Well Organized, Informative, and EFFICIENT!

We thought long and hard about how to format this show to be of real use to our readers (now listeners!). We decided that single-topic episodes, even if they are only five or ten minutes long, are more useful for you than longer shows with multiple subjects covered at once.

I mean, really, don’t you just want to know what you need to know without listening to topics that don’t apply to your dog?

You will be able to tell from the episode title and description EXACTLY what is covered. And the show notes for each episode will have links and more information, so you never have to wonder “what was that website again?”

So here’s how to make sure you see every episode in your podcast feed: subscribe (it’s free) using your favorite podcast app. (Apple Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, or Spotify)

Uh, What’s a Podcast, Again?

A podcast is basically an on-demand radio show that is hosted on the internet. What Netflix is to television, podcasts are to radio. You can listen to podcasts on your smartphone, online, or if you want, we’re even putting them on our YouTube channel! Don’t worry — it’s easy. Go to and hit subscribe and the system will show you what to do.

Why Are YOU Doing a Podcast?

We love audio here at Maui Media, and we’ve been making podcasts for a LONG time, long before it was cool, and way before it was easy. We started podcasting way back in 2005!!

James Jacobson, our “Dog Cancer Answers” host, and the upcoming host of “The Dog Podcast” (which, honestly, is going to be so awesome and fun, I can’t even wait to tell you about it), has been in radio for FOUR DECADES. As a teenager James started interviewing interesting folks from all sorts of fields, (like Supreme Court justices and physicians, and even Dr. Ruth Westheimer) way back when he hosted his first radio show on a station in Washington, DC.

The Bottom Line

If you love a dog who has cancer, you are seriously, seriously, going to love this podcast. You will see new episodes every week. Not every topic will specifically apply to YOU, but they will all inform you and give you hope. And if you want to help out your fellow dog lovers, we would adore your participation.

  1. Know an expert who would make a great guest? Tell them about the podcast and recommend them to our producers at
  2. Want your question answered? Call our Listener Line to record your question for our veterinarians: +1 (808) 868-3200.
  3. Have an inspiring True Tail to share with your fellow dog lovers? Tell our producers using the form at

I am really looking forward to our new season, and to hearing from all of you. New episodes launch on April 6, 2020, so subscribe now so they show up in your feed automatically. You can also follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Insta 🙂

To our dogs, and to our love for our dogs,

Warm Aloha,



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