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Featuring Demian Dressler, DVM and Sue Ettinger, DVM, Dip. ACVIM (Oncology), authors of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide

Mammary Tumors

Are Overweight Dogs at a Higher Risk for Cancer?

Are overweight dogs at a higher risk for cancer? Yes. It turns out that being chubby isn’t nearly as cute as we once thought.

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Early spay and neuter increases cancer risk in golden retriever dogs. Dog riding in car with head out window.

Spay/neuter and the association with cancer in dogs: part three

Spay Neuter Golden Retriever: Early spay and neuter have several profound long-term effects for one of our favorite breeds.

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Oleic Acid, Red Meat, and Mammary Cancer

As readers of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide know, dogs who have not been spayed by their fourth heat run a higher risk for mammary cancer. (Spaying offers its own risks for other types of cancer, but that’s another post.) But other factors can contribute to canine mammary cancer, and some of these are not…

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Is The Cause of Breast Cancer in the Water?

Many of our female dogs are spayed at a young age.  One of the benefits that vets commonly talk about is that early spaying can almost eliminate breast cancer in dogs.  We usually call breast cancer mammary cancer in dogs, but we are talking about breast cancer. We now know that early spaying is also…

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Breast Cancer Signs in Dogs: What to Look For and How to Think About Mammary Cancer

Finding a lump on your dog’s breast is not good: Learn how to examine your dog for breast cancer and when to head to the veterinarian.

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Cancer Cure?

Recently I heard the comment that medicine (in my case, veterinary medicine) is primitive. This is a very interesting comment, especially if we are talking about canine cancer. When you are coping with a canine cancer diagnosis, the question of curing cancer comes up frequently.  Now, shifting back to this idea about medicine being primitive,…

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Hemangiosarcoma, Mammary Cancers and Plastic Link?

Many of you will remember a media stir over BPA, that stuff found in plastic baby bottles that could be hazardous. BPA is Bishenol A.  It is found in many different types of plastic. The most common is the clear, hard plastic called polycarbonate. BPA is also found in plastic food and beverage containers, “carbonless”…

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Dog Cancer Surgery: They Didn’t Get It All Out

Sound familiar? Did this happen to anyone out there? Removal of all the cancer cells from the body during surgery is pretty important.  How can we tell? The most important thing to do is get that biopsy report.  Some don’t want the extra cost.  “Just get it out” is a line I have heard from…

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