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Featuring Demian Dressler, DVM and Sue Ettinger, DVM, Dip. ACVIM (Oncology), authors of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide

True Tail

Supportive “tails” from other dog owners who have faced dog cancer.

Riley the Dog Thrives Despite Soft Tissue Sarcoma and Lung Cancer

This True Tail comes from Debra in Vernal, Utah. She has helped her Riley fight soft tissue sarcoma, Cushing’s disease, and lung cancer. Truly an amazing story!

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Honey the Dog Survives 5 Years Past Lymphoma Diagnosis, Passes Peacefully in Her Sleep

This True Tail comes from Lyn in New York City. Honey survived aggressive T-cell lymphoma five years past diagnosis!!

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True Tails from Others Who’ve Battled Dog Cancer

Read inspiring “true tails” of people who’ve read The Dog Cancer Survival Guide and helped their dogs fight (and even beat) cancer.

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Tell Your Dog’s True Tail

Have an inspiring True Tail to tell? Submit it here and help other dog lovers!

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Sienna and Sierra — a True Tail

Peggy Benson of Jacksonville, Florida, tells her True Tail about Sienna’s dog cancer. This beautiful Golden Retriever with adrenal carcinoma endured a complicated surgery on her cancer journey, and ended up giving a gift beyond price to her beloved family.

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Heart-warming Lessons Learned from the Dog Cancer Journey

Did a dog cancer diagnosis bring you and your dog closer together? For many of us, hearing that our dog has cancer changes our lives in an instant. Questions arise such as: How many more walks we will enjoy? How much time will I have to cuddle with my pooch? Is there something I could…

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Staying on the cutting edge of veterinary oncology

I’ll be honest; this blog is a little bit hard for me to write. I am not my typical focused self. I am preparing to leave for Paris for a week with my husband. While I would prefer the trip to be entirely vacation, half the trip will be devoted to veterinary oncology. (I know…

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Newspaper Columnist Faces Dog Cancer Diagnosis

Kerstin Shamberg received the devastating news that her beloved dog Peebucks has cancer.  Peebucks was recently diagnosed with a type of tumor of the nose called a carcinoma, likely an adenocarcinoma. Kerstin writes for the Huffington Post, and describes what this experience was like.  Many reader will recognize what she is going through: shock, dismay,…

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Man Meets Dog With Same Brain Cancer Treatment

A recent article in USA Today featured a man who met a dog receiving the same kind of experimental brain cancer treatment. Two years ago, John Huls underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiation for a brain tumor.  He opted against continued chemotherapy and radiation for brain cancer treatment due to side effects.  He then enrolled in…

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Chubby Golden Retriever Has Less Cancer Protection

I was talking to one of my clients today in the exam room.  She owns an awesome Golden Retriever named Baloo.   Like his namesake in the movie “The Jungle Book,” Baloo is happy, friendly, goofy and….chubby. I started telling Baloo’s owner about the cancer rate in the breed. It is estimated that around 2/3…

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You and Cesar Millan

All of you going through coping with a canine cancer diagnosis are in the trenches.  Some are enjoying sunny days as they come, and some are in the depths of suffering. I remember hearing a song once, and although I am not sure who the artist was, what he sang crystallizes what many feel: “Nobody…

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Nasal Cancer, in memory of Max the Police Dog

A friend told me about this story. I have not been in the habit of writing about media news in this blog, but this story caught my attention and could be used to expound on nasal tumors in dogs. Max, a Springer spaniel, passed away in Britain due to nasal cancer. He spent his days…

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What I Do in my Veterinary Hospital

Some have wondered what does this guy do, this Dr Dressler? Why does he do this blog anyway? Well, there is a shorter version of the long truth. Since this is a blog post, and I’m told mine are too long anyway, I’ll give you the short version. I spend many hours working as a…

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