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Integrative Oncology Is the Future: An Interview with Dr. Kendra Pope

Updated: July 29th, 2021


Dr. Kendra Pope is one of four integrative oncologists practicing in the U.S. She has a lot of advice and straight talk for us humans dealing with dog cancer.

Today’s Dog Cancer Answers podcast episode is such a good one! Dr. Kendra Pope, an integrative veterinary oncologist, joins us for a Deep Dive into all things oncology.

And as her clients in Red Bank, NJ know, she’s knowledgeable AND a clear communicator.

And her results speak for themselves.

Whether you have an integrative oncologist near you or not, listening to this episode will help you understand WHY using herbs, acupuncture, and nutrition to fight cancer is the future, despite what you might have heard.

Dr. Pope is one of only four oncologists in the U.S. who use non-conventional holistic therapies to treat dog cancer.

She takes us on a journey to the future, where we get access to the treatments that help — no matter where they come from.

You can read the transcript on the episode page on the Dog Cancer Answers website.

Here’s the video version of the podcast:

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  1. Rene Agredano, on July 21, 2021 at 9:10 am

    This is such a great podcast! We learned lots about the current state of integrative oncology and will share with the Tripawds Community. Thank you for the awesome info!

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