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Featuring Demian Dressler, DVM and Sue Ettinger, DVM, Dip. ACVIM (Oncology), authors of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide

The Dog Cancer Survival Guide

Now Available in Your Favorite Format

Dr. Demian Dressler’s best-selling book about dog cancer, The Dog Cancer Survival Guide: Full Spectrum Treatments to Optimize Your Dog’s Life Quality and Longevity is all new and greatly expanded in its Second Edition. The Guide has been praised by readers, veterinarians, dog experts, and reviewers and is available as a paperback, as a Kindle eBook or as part of a comprehensive Dog Cancer Kit.

Paperback from Amazon
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The paperback edition of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide can be found on and everywhere books are sold. Readers love the paperback because it is laid out in an organized fashion, easy to reference, and can be highlighted. There is lots of space for notes in the margins, and even though it is 496 pages, it flows easily and is easy to use.

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The digital edition of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide is available for Kindle on, for Nook at Barnes & Noble, and as an ePub file optimized for the iPad. It also comes in a PDF format. If you're itching to start reading within minutes, the digital format might be for you, because it downloads in seconds and is immediately available.

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Dog Cancer Kit
Our publication store is a great place to get both the paperback and PDF eBook editions of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide, plus Dr. Dressler's first audiobook The Dog Cancer Coping Guide, as well as his popular Ask Dr. Dressler Webinars on our Publications Store.

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Praise from Readers

A Wonderful Guide

We just lost our beloved pug, Sam (11 years old) . He was diagnosed Oct, 2011 with stage 4 mast cell cancer. Your cancer survival guide helped me every step of the way for the rest of his life. His survival was estimated 18 months and he lived 36 months. After reading you book, I chose not to have operations or chemo. I gave him APOCAPS and along with a very understanding vet he had many good months. After his death I gave the Vet. your book and she feels that the Apocaps helped prolong his life. Thank you for your guide book. Mine was well read and very helpful from diagnosis to the end of life for our Sam.

 by Hsun Chang

Will Make Me the Best Medical Advocate for My Dog


from his review on

As founders of, the world's largest community for canine amputees (most of whom are battling bone cancers) since 2006, we've reviewed many different books about canine cancer. Dr. Dressler and Dr. Ettinger's book, the Dog Cancer Survival Guide, is absolutely the most informative, comprehensive and useful book that we've seen.

The sad fact is, dog cancer is the number one disease killer for canines. Until there is a cure, we as pet guardians must serve as our dog's #1 health advocate. Whether or not our dog currently has cancer, this book is a must-have for us all.

Dr. Dressler's first edition of "The Dog Cancer Survival Guide" has been one of our most highly-recommended reading materials since it was first published a few years ago. The newest edition is even better and more comprehensive.

In a nutshell, here's why we think everyone with a dog should read this book. You'll learn:

* Why and how you should cope with your own emotions before embarking on your canine cancer research

* The latest discoveries about cancer's origins, treatments and cures, all written in an easy-to-understand format for the layperson

* All of the most promising holistic therapies that are proving helpful in treating dog cancer

* How to talk to veterinary professionals, friends and family about your treatment choices and what you're experiencing

* When to make end of life decisions and how to cope with grief

This 400+ page textbook is jam packed with the latest information about conventional treatments and helpful holistic therapies that anyone with any budget can pursue. You'll get a comprehensive description of different dog cancers and related treatments, as well as a thorough appendix filled with information about published dog cancer studies you can share with your veterinarian.

Dog Cancer Survival Guide's information is grounded in reality and doesn't make any promises that it will cure your dog's cancer. But Dressler's strong sense of empathy and wisdom extends a guiding hand to readers that's so desperately needed when faced with canine cancer. You'll feel empowered, hopeful, grounded in reality and ready to face whatever comes next with the same Zen attitude as your canine hero.

A big shout out goes to both docs for giving pawrents the layperson's first authoritative, empathetic and hopeful tool available for coping with canine cancer. Get this book today.


Rene Agredano & Jim Nelson


Susan Taniguchi, Avondale, AZ USA

from her review on Amazon:

Having purchased Dr Dressler's first book which was great, I find this book well organized and very informative. If your dog has been diagnosed with cancer then self education is the key and this book will give you great information so that you can talk knowledgeably with your vet and come up with a plan of attack that will best suit your dog. Offer to share the book with your vet, we did with Dr. Dressler's first book. Our vet was receptive and read the book. After that we were able to come up with an informed approach to deal with a second Mast Cell Tumor. By working closely with our vet, we saved the expense and stress of radiation therapy (all that was offered by the oncologist vet) and Pebbles has had no reocurrance of the Mast Cell Tumor for two years. I can't thank Dr. Dressler enough for the infomation and his experience. Dr. Dressler saved our dog from a horrific option of radiation. If I had not read this book, I would not have been as well informed.

jwe, excerpted from

I've grown weary of losing so many of my best friends to cancer. With the diagnosis of lymphoma and a prognosis of four weeks if left untreated, I asserted the responsibility as guardian and primary advocate of my 11th Collie and insisted that our vet tell me: "If he was your dog, what would you do?"

His answer: "The Wisconsin 25-Week CHOP Protocol." We use the schedule on page 346, table 25-7, of Henry's "Cancer Management in Small Animal Practice," Saunders, 2009.

Dr. Ettinger's "Bottom Line" on page 307 also gave me hope when she wrote: "I rarely answer the question `would you treat this cancer, if this were your dog'... Yet, I make an exception in the case of lymphoma and readily answer `yes, I would treat this cancer, if this were my dog.' "

Our dental veterinarian told me: "If I were a dog and I had to have cancer, lymphoma would be my choice." Now entering the 14th week of this protocol, my 11th Collie is happy and his old self playing and running through the fields with my 12th Collie.

When the head of the Collie Rescue in Colorado (where I adopted my 12th Collie) suggested I look at "The Dog Cancer Survival Guide," I ordered the kit (PDFs, Apocaps, and video access) from Amazon. While awaiting its arrival, I downloaded the PDF version of the book and "The Dog Cancer Diet," and began reading.

I have not read "The Dog Cancer Survival Guide" cover to cover; probably never will, but my paperback copy is threadbare and worn. Gossamer pages - highlighted in yellow and noted in red - are falling out. I've read and re-read multiple times everything that applies to my Collie's cancer: lymphoma. I loaned the book to our veterinarian who is co-operative and open to its new ideas - for example, "chronotherapy and chemotherapy drugs," p139-140; and he assured me that he subscribes to other ideas - such as, giving an antihistamine before slowly administering Doxorubicin, p401.

"Five-Star Indispensable" is how I describe "The Dog Cancer Survival Guide." It anticipates readers' questions and offers suggestions with a common-sense approach - for example, Dr. Dressler's philosophy regarding supplements: that sometimes, some is better than none; and at other times, others are redundant while a few can cause problems. The term "Full-Spectrum" is a powerful adjective that raised my interest and expectations. Despite the possibility that the book might offer snake-oil remedies, Dr. Dressler and Dr. Ettinger didn't disappoint. They care about the reader. They care about the reader's dog.

Note: I've incorporated portions of the book's suggestions for all three of my Collies. Yes, Apocaps are expensive, but twice in fourteen weeks, Amazon has offered "three-for-the-price-of-two" specials. Considering the variety of supplements it includes, Apocaps deserves serious consideration as the primary supplement of the full-spectrum treatment.

Of the portions of the book I've read and ideas I've researched, 99.99 percent earn a rating of Five Stars. Until the next edition of the book is published, I can overlook the other .01 percent.

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