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Featuring Demian Dressler, DVM and Sue Ettinger, DVM, Dip. ACVIM (Oncology), authors of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide

Mast Cell Treatment

Updated: October 4th, 2017

There were many studies, articles and books Dr. Dressler and Dr. Ettinger used when writing The Dog Cancer Survival Guide. Here is a list of the most important references about mast cell treatment.

Please note that in vivo and clinical use citations were included whenever possible. We have also include links to the papers, where available. Most of the papers are found on the National Institute of Health’s online library, PubMed.

Evaluation of a two-centimeter lateral surgical margin for excision of grade I and grade II cutaneous mast cell tumors in dogs. Fulcher RP, Ludwig LL, Bergman PJ, et al. J Am Vet Med Assoc. 228:210. 2006.

Radiotherapy of incompletely resected, moderately differentiated mast cell tumors in the dog: 37 cases (1989-1993). Frimberger AE, Moore AS, LaRue SM, et al. J Am Anim Hosp Assoc. 33(4):320. 1997

A prospective study of radiation therapy for the treatment of grade 2 mast cell tumors in 32 dogs. al-Sarraf R, Mauldin GN, Patnaik AK et al. J Vet Intern Med. 10:376. 1996

Treatment of canine mast cell tumours with prednisolone and radiotherapy. Dobson J, Cohen S, Gould S. Vet Comp Oncol. 2:132. 2004

Efficacy of radiation therapy for incompletely resected grade III MCT in dogs: 31 cases. Hahn KA, King GK, Carrera JK. J Am Vet Med Assoc. 224:79, 2004.

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