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Featuring Demian Dressler, DVM and Sue Ettinger, DVM, Dip. ACVIM (Oncology), authors of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide

Home and Outdoor Care

Homemade Cleaning Supplies That Are Safe for You — and Your Dog With Cancer

Homemade cleaning supplies are easy to make and way safer for your dog with cancer than commercial products. And they work great!

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Summer Dangers for Dogs with Cancer

Summer dangers for dogs with cancer are right around the corner. Let’s be prepared!

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Filter Your Air for Dog Cancer

Is it really important to filter your air for dog cancer? Well, yeah. It is. Read why here.

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Is Your Dog Eating Grass, Vomiting, and Getting Sick?

Is your dog eating grass, vomiting and getting sick? Could be the pesticides and herbicides — war weapons — we use on our green spaces.

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Winter Dangers for Dogs with Cancer

Even as I begin writing this post I sigh at the title “Winter Dangers”.  It just seems that everywhere we turn there is a threat! And constantly being on guard can be exhausting! So I offer this to you both from the perspective of caring for your dog with cancer, who may be more vulnerable…

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Smoking, Second-Hand Smoke, Third-Hand Smoke and Dog Cancer

We are all becoming more aware of healthy nutrition and lifestyle.  Much of what was deemed innocuous in our grandparents time is being exposed as risky. We’ve known for decades that smoking is hazardous to the smoker, and the term ‘second-hand smoke’ soon followed as science discovered that you didn’t need to smoke to be…

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What is safe? Thoughts of an oncologist and mom

After a pet Guardian finds out their dog has cancer, I am often asked, “What caused my dog’s cancer?  Was it the water, the food, the food bowls, the shampoo, the cleaners I used around the house, the herbicides or pesticides used on my lawn?” While there is so little evidence directly linking chemicals and…

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