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Featuring Demian Dressler, DVM and Sue Ettinger, DVM, Dip. ACVIM (Oncology), authors of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide

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Full Spectrum Cancer Treatment for Dogs to Optimize Your Dog’s Life Quality and Longevity

Forget dogma: Full Spectrum Cancer Care includes ALL cancer treatment for dogs that work, no matter where they come from. Just what helps YOUR dog.

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How Can I Help My Dog with Cancer? Read Chapter 1: Your Role in Dog Cancer

How can I help my dog with cancer? It’s the first question dog lovers ask. Dr. Demian Dressler answers it. Warning: his answer might not be what you expect.

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How to Make Decisions About Dog Cancer Treatments

Overwhelmed and anxious, and unsure how to make decisions about dog cancer treatments? Read this article to find out how to “think like an entrepreneur” and calculate the risk.

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The Most Important Question in Dog Cancer

What’s the most important question in dog cancer care? You’ll be surprised at what Dr. Dressler has to say.

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Treating Dogs with Cancer As If They’re My Own

Can I treat a dog in my care as if he were my own?

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Why Your Personality Is So Important to Your Dog with Cancer

When treating dog cancer, knowing your personality and priorities helps you make treatment choices that will help your dog AND feel right to you.

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Are You a Dog Lover, or a Dog Guardian?

Who’s in charge of your decisions when it comes to your dog’s cancer? You are.

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Is my dog too old for cancer treatments? Face of black dog.

Is My Dog Too Old For Cancer Treatments?

Age is not a disease, but when your dog is diagnosed with cancer, it can be confusing to know if your dog too old for cancer treatments. Dr. Dressler explains…

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DogCancer.TV: Should You See an Oncologist for Your Dog’s Cancer

Dr. Ettinger and Dr. Dressler discuss the decision as to when and why a veterinary oncologist should be seen and how to find a veterinary oncologist.

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Clinical Trials for Dog Cancer: Pros and Cons

Dog lovers coping with canine cancer often are looking for solutions.  When hearing the news that a loved dog has cancer, and the statistics and costs related to chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, many times a guardian will start looking for something else to try, a solution that seems better than what is available. Often the…

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Grief: Not A Four Letter Word

Let’s face it.  In the world of dog cancer, grief is part of the deal. But, the truth is that it is often ignored.  Honestly, when many of us hear the word “grief”, we kind of turn away and try not to think about it.  “Let’s deal with this.”  “Let’s get the job done.”  “How…

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How Do I know The Right Course of Treatment

The decisions surrounding dog cancer treatment can be complicated. This is not only because of the treatments themselves. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation have multiple steps. Diet and supplements are not necessarily strait forward either. Steps to change a dog’s brain chemistry to a cancer fighting state take some doing as well. Boosting life quality needs…

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To Chemo or Not To Chemo?

One of the little known facts about veterinary medicine is that chemotherapy does not cure cancer in dogs, with few exceptions (except transmissible venereal tumor or the very rare lympho or something). I believe that many people are unaware of this fact. So we are left with a treatment  modality that has a goal of…

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But Cancer Treatment at My Dog’s Age?

So many guardians post comments on this blog, asking questions that have to do with age and cancer treatment. Let’s look at this topic today. I have an old dog.  What is the right choice for cancer treatment? This central question usually can boil down to whether the life quality negative of the treatment is…

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Treatment Plan Analysis in Real Life

Yesterday, a 13 year old Rottweiler came in to the hospital. She had been limping, and there was a swelling in her front leg, down on the forearm.  It was firm and slightly warm to the touch.  The area was about 4 inches long. We took X-rays of the sore leg.  The films showed a…

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The Most Important Question in Dog Cancer Care

Many dog lovers arrive at The Dog Cancer Blog looking or information.  There is a problem though, and I would like to begin to spread the word about the most important question in dog cancer care. Here it is:  What type of person are you? To many, this may sound very bizarre, so give me…

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The Cost of My Dog’s Life, part 1

If you are a dog lover coping with the diagnosis of dog cancer, at some point you will be forced to deal with costs.  In this economic climate, many are faced with heart-wrenching decisions. “I need to choose between my dog’s care and my own.” “I have to pick either paying for my home or…

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