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Featuring Demian Dressler, DVM and Sue Ettinger, DVM, Dip. ACVIM (Oncology), authors of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide

Full Spectrum Mindset

Support chemotherapy and radiation with botanicals. Vet checking dog laying on table.

Support Chemotherapy and Radiation with Botanicals: Dr. Dressler’s Article in Innovative Veterinary Care

A new Innovative Veterinary Care journal article shows veterinarians how to support chemotherapy and radiation with botanicals.

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don't want to treat dog cancer

I Don’t Want to Treat Dog Cancer!

Don’t want to treat dog cancer? Dr. Dressler talks about how that’s totally, 100% understandable. Also, none of our business.

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Dr. Dressler: an Introduction to The Dog Cancer Vet

Dr. Dressler is “the dog cancer vet” and author of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide. Here’s his own True Tail of how he came to be a pioneer in education and treatment of dog cancer.

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Full Spectrum Cancer Treatment for Dogs to Optimize Your Dog’s Life Quality and Longevity

Forget dogma: Full Spectrum Cancer Care includes ALL cancer treatment for dogs that work, no matter where they come from. Just what helps YOUR dog.

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How Can I Help My Dog with Cancer? Read Chapter 1: Your Role in Dog Cancer

How can I help my dog with cancer? It’s the first question dog lovers ask. Dr. Demian Dressler answers it. Warning: his answer might not be what you expect.

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Do Dogs Know When They Are Dying? What Your Dog Would Say If Your Dog Spoke English

Do dogs know when they are dying? Maybe, but Dr. D is pretty sure they don’t experience death like we do. Here’s what dogs would say if we could only hear.

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Magical Thinking and Dog Cancer

Is using magical thinking regarding your dog’s cancer a good idea? It could be — as long as you keep it in perspective.

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How to Make Decisions About Dog Cancer Treatments

Overwhelmed and anxious, and unsure how to make decisions about dog cancer treatments? Read this article to find out how to “think like an entrepreneur” and calculate the risk.

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Reducing Anxiety in Dogs with Cancer

A worried dog has a harder time healing — and dogs mostly worry in response to OUR worry. When it comes to reducing anxiety in dogs with cancer, what’s a dog lover to do?

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Food and Nutrition for Dogs with Mast Cell Tumors

Dr. Dressler’s Dog Cancer Diet is appropriate for most dogs, but dogs with mast cell tumors need a few modifications. Read this if your dog needs a low-histamine diet.

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Luteolin, Apoptosis, and Cancer: New Research That Can Help Your Dog with Cancer

Luteolin is a powerhouse dietary apoptogen, found in vegetables and fruits. Its impact on cancer is profound because it supports apoptosis.

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What Is Full Spectrum Cancer Care?

How does Full Spectrum Cancer Care differ from conventional, holistic, or alternative care? It drops the bias and embraces tools from any system of medicine that have been shown to help fight cancer.

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DogCancer.TV: Using “Alternative” Therapies for Dogs with Cancer

Dr. Dressler and Dr. Ettinger talk about some of the all natural, holistic, and homeopathic approaches to cancer care for dogs.

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Is Optimism Appropriate in Dog Cancer?

Are we setting ourselves up for disappointment by holding on to optimism when it comes to dog cancer treatments?

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Is It Wrong To Treat Dogs for Cancer?

There has been a lot of press and debate lately about the high costs of veterinary medicine. Being in New York, I’m thinking of several NY Times articles. On the front page on April 5th, there was the article “New Treatments to Save a Pet, but Questions About the Costs.” This article highlighted the advances…

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Prejudice in Chemo Side Effect Treatment for Dogs

Bias (prejudice) is an important issue in medical treatments being withheld.  Some of these treatments may have benefit, and dog cancer is no exception. Managing the side effects of chemotherapy is an important part of cancer care.  Chemotherapy is most commonly delivered at the Maximum Tolerated Dose (MTD).  This means the highest doses that the…

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dog cancer pain

Pain Meds for Dogs: How to Manage Pain for a Dog With Cancer

Dog cancer pain control is really important, especially because dogs hide their pain symptoms so well. Learn how to treat your dog’s pain.

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disruptive stress and dog cancer

Disruptive Stress and Dog Cancer

Coping with dog cancer is extremely stressful. Certain life events, like coping with dog cancer in your loved family member, create such stress that it actually disrupts normal thinking.  This is called “disruptive stress.” This is very natural and common. However, disruptive stress has been shown to have a real negative effect. Disruptive stress creates…

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Carcinoma of the Anal Sac, part 2

In the last post, anal sac carcinoma was discussed, including diagnosing these malignant tumors in the dog.  In this post, we will cover more on treatments and some data concerning outcomes. If a guardian is coping with a diagnosis of canine anal sac carcinoma, often major questions arise soon after the news is received.  Chemotherapy? …

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Herbs in a Dog Cancer Diet?

You would be amazed at what are in herbs. For all readers with a “conventional only” medicine approach (anti “alternative), read on.  You may be surprised.  For you “alternative only” people (anti “conventional”),  this will be right up your alley. For those of you with a rational, discerning, anti-bias viewpoint, congratulations.  You are a full-spectrum…

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Making Time for Full Spectrum Dog Cancer Care

There is a big difference between coming up with an idea to do something, and doing it. We humans are very good at deciding that we should do.  The problem is that many times we sort of lose track of this focus, and don’t totally follow through. This is a very important issue when it…

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A Dog Cancer Wake Up Call

From time to time I receive comments from readers who express opinions about what they will consider in treating their dog’s cancer. These particular folks segregate themselves into a single group…the “anti” people. First, we have those who are very impressed with conventional veterinary care.  This is my background, so I see the appeal. Big…

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Is The Hammer The Tool For The Job?

How a flexible and vulnerable mindset can help us identify the problem correctly, and choose the right tool to solve it.

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Why We Need To Think Outside the Box

The world’s tallest dog is a now a cancer patient. I recently came across this story, from a local news website in California.  Gibson is a Great Dane, weighing in at a whopping 170 lbs. Gibson is presently 7 years old, which is definitely a senior citizen for a dog of this breed. Recall that…

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But my vet has not heard of this….

Dear dog lovers, I have been deluged with comments that some vets out there, maybe even most, have not heard of many of the approaches to dealing with cancer that are beyond surgery, chemo and radiation. As a consequence, there seems to be a large “black box” as to what to do, how to arrive…

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Is it for me or for my dog?

Decision making when loving a dog with a cancer diagnosis can be tough. Many times we will experience some degree of confusion in decision making.  There are many options that are presented.  Should I allow chemotherapy? Amputation?  Is radiation really worth it? I think that a lot of the difficulty may not actually relate to…

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What is the evidence? Dog cancer and information sources.

So you are ready to be your dog’s health advocate. Good choice! Can you dissect apart all different things that can affect whether a dog will get cancer, or how long a given dog will live, or if a treatment will definitely work in a given dog with cancer?  Sadly, the answer to all of…

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