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Featuring Demian Dressler, DVM and Sue Ettinger, DVM, Dip. ACVIM (Oncology), authors of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide


Detoxification in Dog Cancer

One of the ways companies make money on cancer is by using words that sound great but mean little. “Detoxification” is one of them. Let’s take a closer look at this.  On the surface, getting rid of “toxins‘ is a good idea, right?  “Toxins” bad, “detox” good, correct? Well, sure, except nobody really knows what…

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Pau D’Arco for Dogs With Cancer: Be Careful Says Dr. Dressler

In the last post, I focused on really looking at the source of the information you are receiving about your dog’s cancer.  Let’s get into some specific examples of questionable “intelligence” you may have received. Some, claiming authority in the area of supplements for dog cancer, are pushing Pau D’Arco.  Be careful, everyone! Let’s look…

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Carcinogenic Chemo Drugs

One of the biggest ironies I have encountered are carcinogenic chemotherapy drugs. Sound odd to you?  Well, I don’t blame you!  When I first found out about it I was shocked.    Medication used for fighting cancer actually increasing the odds for cancer later? Now, before everyone gets reactionary, we have to temper this topic…

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Why is Canine Cancer Still Winning? Part 1

Those who have experienced the frustration and sadness in caring for a dog with cancer may have wondered, “Why is cancer still winning after all this time?” In the last forty years, successes in cancer treatment relative to effort have been pretty meager.  Even if one were to spend the average total price tag of…

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Preservatives and Cancer: Believe the Hype?

Do preservatives in dog food cause cancer? Good question. Dog lovers seem to divide themselves into two camps.  The first camp says, “Well, whatever.  Everything causes cancer.  I’m not going to worry about it.” Camp two says, “I only feed my dog all-natural food or home-made organic meals. We prefer alkaline water and do not…

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Why Test For Heartworm But Not Cancer?

I was recently thinking about a little problem us veterinary professionals are faced with. We seem to have forgotten about relative risks. A relative risk is simply the risk of something in comparison to something else.  Take the risk of cancer versus the risk of heartworm in a dog on heartworm preventative. Now, I am…

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Spice of Life: Curcumin and Dog Cancer

In researching topics for expanded treatments of dog cancer, I have discovered surprises aplenty. Because of the desire for options beyond surgery, chemo and radiation for dog cancer, I chose to look in areas that I would have ignored just a few years back. One of the hottest topics in cancer research right now is…

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Nasal Cancer, in memory of Max the Police Dog

A friend told me about this story. I have not been in the habit of writing about media news in this blog, but this story caught my attention and could be used to expound on nasal tumors in dogs. Max, a Springer spaniel, passed away in Britain due to nasal cancer. He spent his days…

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Is The Cause of Cancer Really Not Known?

Conventional vets (and I count myself among this group) suggest that the cause of cancer is not known. Well, this statement rests on a faulty premise, because there is no single cause of cancer.  Cancer is the product of many separate steps that all must occur before the disease happens. So of course the cause…

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Conjugated Linoleic Acid and Dog Cancer

I received a question about the use of safflower oil for a type of lyphosarcoma (lymphoma) in dogs.  The group of active ingredients in safflower oil is called the Conjugated Linoleic Acids (CLA). There are other things in safflower oil too that have effects, but this is a biggy. So should we be giving this…

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Food and dog cancer: omega 6 fatty acids

Many people ask me if dog food has something to do with the development of cancer in their pet.  Before I devoted my time to studying the topic, I never gave it much thought.  Nah, I would say.  Dog cancer is mostly genetic, viral, a few carcinogens…who knows?  “There is no real cause of cancer”,…

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