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Featuring Demian Dressler, DVM and Sue Ettinger, DVM, Dip. ACVIM (Oncology), authors of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide


Why Is There No Standard of Care?

I was recently sent an interesting question from a reader about the right way to deal with a lump. The question revolved around standard veterinary practices upon finding an external mass in a dog. Is it correct to simply monitor and wait for a cancer to grow before doing something about it? Good question! The…

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Lipoma and liposarcoma: Fatty tumors in dogs. Black dog laying on floor.

Lipoma and Liposarcoma in the Dog: Fatty Tumors

Is that soft squishy lump on your dog something to worry about? It depends.

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Dog Cancer Surgery: They Didn’t Get It All Out

Sound familiar? Did this happen to anyone out there? Removal of all the cancer cells from the body during surgery is pretty important.  How can we tell? The most important thing to do is get that biopsy report.  Some don’t want the extra cost.  “Just get it out” is a line I have heard from…

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Does my dog have cancer? What NOT to rely on!

Hi! Glad to see so many readers these days! Thanks everyone. I have noticed that there are some misconceptions about dog cancer floating around that perhaps could be clarified a little bit. Specifically, there are things that people are looking at to deduce that their dog’s lump is NOT cancer…but the problem is that some…

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Fine needle aspirates to diagnose dog cancer?

Hi everyone, I have been getting questions about the best way to gather info about growths in dogs.  So, let’s take a look at a common technique used to accomplish this…a fine needle aspirate. First of all, a fine needle aspirate is not a biopsy.  A fine needle aspirate is a sample of the mass…

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Mast Cell Tumors in Dogs: some advances in conventional care

Hi!  I have been getting feedback about mast cell tumors and I would like to get some info out there.  I will focus on some conventional medicine advances for the time being that should be thoroughly checked into by dog lovers interested in mast cell tumors. These are not general cancer recommendations, rather just a…

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Biopsy results are in…

The biopsy results are in for the biopsy I performed on my dog Bjorn and it is good news.  

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Biopsy Procedure for Dog Cancer

This video is of the actual biopsy procedure of my dog Bjorn.  It is not too bad to watch.  If you would rather just read, all the information you need is in The Dog Cancer Survival Guide.  

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dog cancer biopsy preparation

This video shows me preparing for a biopsy procedure on my dog Bjorn.  

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