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Featuring Demian Dressler, DVM and Sue Ettinger, DVM, Dip. ACVIM (Oncology), authors of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide

Emotional Management

There is a lot to understand when it comes to dog cancer, and it’s not fun to do it. There are tons of terms to learn, options to weigh, and all the time you’re worried about your dog. It’s awful, and the stress is enormous.

Unfortunately, when we’re under stress we don’t learn well, and our decisions suffer. So … that’s why we need to do everything we can to help ourselves, first. When we take steps to calm down and manage our own emotions, we are SOOO much better at helping our dogs!

These articles will help <3

How Long Does My Dog Have?

It is very important to do what we can to avoid ongoing depression when trying to cope with cancer in our dogs.  Ongoing depression is exhausting, steals our reserves, and clouds judgment. It decreases your dog’s chances of good life quality during a life with cancer.  Yes, your ongoing depression. Please do not misunderstand me. …

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Everything is overwhelming…

Many dog lovers, especially those of you who just received the news that your dog has cancer, feel very overwhelmed.  This is very common and completely natural. So many questions arise.  How did this happen?  Where did the cancer come from? Why wasn’t this picked up before?  Is it the food? Vaccines? Chemicals? What do…

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But my vet has not heard of this….

Dear dog lovers, I have been deluged with comments that some vets out there, maybe even most, have not heard of many of the approaches to dealing with cancer that are beyond surgery, chemo and radiation. As a consequence, there seems to be a large “black box” as to what to do, how to arrive…

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Is it for me or for my dog?

Decision making when loving a dog with a cancer diagnosis can be tough. Many times we will experience some degree of confusion in decision making.  There are many options that are presented.  Should I allow chemotherapy? Amputation?  Is radiation really worth it? I think that a lot of the difficulty may not actually relate to…

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Problem Solving while having a Dog With Cancer

Lymphosarcoma. Hemangiosarcoma.  Osteosarcoma. Mast Cell Tumor. Nasal Tumor. Melanoma. Mammary Cancer. All these words, so harsh, so foreign and scientific. And also, so horrible. Do you love a dog with cancer?  How are you dealing with this fact? Upon reflection, some may not even allow the reality to sink in.  You are telling me my…

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Dog cancer: Is my dog’s life still good?

How can you determine the life quality of a dog?  In the upcoming book I write about a life quality assessment system.  It sounds a little complex, but actually it is pretty strait forward. The tough part is sorting out your own feelings from those of your dog!  Lots of us have strong emotions that…

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