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Chinese Herb for Bleeding Dog Cancers

Today I would like to post on a topic from TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

Many dogs are afflicted with cancers that are associated with bleeding, like internal hemangiosarcomas.  Sometimes the treatments for cancer  (many chemotherapy drugs) may increase bleeding tendencies.

So it would make a lot of sense that providing a supplement that helps the body stop bleeding might help our four legged companions.  Especially nice would be something that can be given in a capsule at home.

Although it seems that we lack this in our Western system of veterinary medicine, let’s remember there is more to healing than what we may have been exposed to.  My alma mater is the number one-ranked vet school in the nation, and I was not aware of the following until I started my own studies after graduation.

Yunnan baiyao, also called yunnan baiyao, is “The white medicine from Yunnan province.”  This is a well-known treatment in China. In TCM, most of the items used are blends of different components.  Yuannan paiyao is no exception.

Some of the ingredients include various yam roots, ox gall bladder, pseudoginseng, sweet geranium, and more.  The precise recipe is a guarded secret in China.

It is believed to work by activating the platelets, which are the small blood components that help make blood clot.  Blood clots are the first step in a scab.  They are like little plugs or corks in the way they stop hemorrhage.

Yunnan paiyao taken by mouth has been shown to decrease liver bleeding in lab animals.  Similarly, it has been shown to decrease bleeding times in ponies who took it orally.  The same was shown for rabbits.  It also works when the powder is applied to a bleeding surface.

Yunnan paiyao should be used only after consultation and in cooperation with your dog’s veterinarian.  Here is some data.

How much to give?  The following dosing is a bit rough.  These are general guidelines:

  • For dogs under 10 lbs, give 1 capsule by mouth one time a day.
  • For dogs from 10 to 30 lbs, give 1 capsule by mouth two times a day.
  • For dogs above 30 but less than 60 lbs, give 2 capsules two times a day.
  • For dogs above 60 lbs, give 2 capsules three times a day.

Do not give Yunnan paiyao on an ongoing basis.  It is best to give it on alternating days, or for a 5-day on, 5-day off cycle that repeats.  There is some possible evidence that this medicine may elevate liver markers if given daily for prolonged periods of time.

There is an excellent pdf available online, called “Yunnan Baiyao-Where’s the Clinical Evidence?”
for those who would like more detail.

Yunnan paiyao can be purchased on line, in herb stores, and in Traditional Chinese Medicine locations.

For more tools to help fight dog cancer that you may have not heard of, get a copy of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide.

Best to all,

Dr D

About the Author: Demian Dressler, DVM

Dr. Demian Dressler, DVM is known as the "dog cancer vet" and is author of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide: Full Spectrum Treatments to Optimize Your Dog's Life Quality and Longevity.

  • Martha

    On the topic of alternative treatments do you know anything about an enzyme called serrapeptase?
    It is supposed to stop ‘unhealthy inflammation and clear inflamed dead tissue’and supposedly has been effective in treating animals when more conventional treatments have failed..

  • Judith Conigliaro

    My dog has a cancerous bladder tumor. I opted for non-surgical remedies which have slowed the progression down and she has already beaten the odds big time. However, while walking my dog, she tends to “mark” a lot and after marking quite a few times, only blood comes out from her vulva area. Perhaps Yunnan paiyao would aid in clotting the capillaries in the tumor?

    • Dr. Dressler

      Judith, it is worth a try. Please use under veterinary supervision. Good luck and hope it helps,

  • m johnson

    my 12 year old dachsund has just been diagnosed with a cancerous mass around the adrenal glands invading the vena cava – he has cushing disease and pericardial effusion.. retroperitoneal hemorrage.

    I am going to a second opinion since the emergency clinic recommended authanesia.

  • Barb

    My 10 yr. old golden retriever Jackson, was diagnosed with an oral tumor called acanthomatous ameloblastoma in July 2009. Surgury was not deemed appropriate. Believe me, we would have done anything to take this thing away for him. We have been using palliative care since and up until three weeks ago, we were all able to manage it pretty well for him.
    But then the bleeding started out of his mouth and our vet said that the tumor was eating away the gingiva in his mouth. We’ve been periodically using ice packs and pressure in his mouth and on the outside on the tumor when the bleeds occur but my vet had no other suggestions to stop the bleeds. Under the guidance of a woman who’s been using essential oils to help with canine issues, we used cypress oil in diluted form inside and outside on the tumor. He also was taking Inisitol IP6 and a herbal tincture hoxsey as well as a chinese herbal mix to support immunity. But as the bleeding increased and clots came out of his mouth, I backed off of all of it and he’s a bit better with the bleeds-less frequently and less blood. But perhaps it’s gone on too long now since his gums are now beginning to pale a bit indicating anemia. Should I consider giving him yunnan baiyao to halt the bleeding and something to help with the anemia? We are feeding him very wet Honest Kitchen dehydrated raw food. Everythingihng he takes must be in a soup form. He is tired, yet he still loves to walk around outside and look for chipmunks in our landcaped stone walls and he still loves his meals and the sound of the cookie jar opening. He is such a dear, sweet boy. Thank goodness you are here helping people through these issues. My helplessness with this comes from my vets inability to offer much, since surgery and medications are not appropriate for him.
    Please let me know if you think the yunnan baiyao is appropriate for him as well as something for anemia. THANK YOU.

    • Dr. Dressler

      Barb, these are very tough. Use the yunnan paiyao with your vet’s supervision. Another idea is injectable Neoplasene available from Buck Mountain. Have your vet call Dr. Buck, who makes it. It can be injected in the tissue around the tumor. For more ideas, check out the Dog Cancer Survival Guide.
      Dr D

  • Sarah

    YES! Try the yunnan baiyao! I lost my goldendoodle Ellie in 9/09 to hemangiosarcoma. We found out about Y.B. right at the very end and I wish so much that we had learned about it earlier. There is no doubt this herbal mixture saved Ellie more than once. It was just too late for it to be a long-term answer. You need to know there are the regular pills PLUS small red emergency pills that can help with extreme anemia and shock – you may not need the emergency ones unless things get very serious. If you have a blister-pack of regular pills, there should be an emergency pill right in the middle of the pack — it’s very easy to overlook. If there is no holistic vet near you that can sell you the Y.B., you may be able to get it from a Chinese herbalist (if there is one nearby). You can certainly get it online, but I suggest you get this ASAP. If you do not have a holistic vet nearby that can help you with dosing, etc. . . then you should at least try to find one that will give you info over the phone or via e-mail. You will not regret trying this amazing herb! Please also consider K9-Immunity!

  • Elpea

    It worked for my 40lb pooch who is two months shy of 15yr, he has a very large tumor on his hind leg which began to ooze and bleed(suspect it is mast cell tumor but didn’t want biopsy or anything invasive since he is elderly). Our vet gave him antibiotics for 2 weeks, antibacterial soap, and Animax. It got better but within a week it oozed again. Then I remembered Yunnan Baiyoa that many of my relatives had used for very bad cuts with good results. I googled and found it was safe for dogs (Thanks, Dr D). I sprinkled a thin coating of powder several times a day and whenever it was oozing and soon it dried up. It doesn’t look as red and angry anymore. Of course we are not looking for it to miraculously disappear but it has made him less uncomfortable.


  • bruce

    my golden has internal hemangeosarcoma and has recently had her spleen removed. i have recently decided to give her the yunan paiyo and then backed off when i read some info. that it may spread cancer. the question is do i or don’t i, i am having mixed feelings. she was given approx. 4 mos. to live, but i feel like there is much more that can be done to help her. she is 7 yrs old and has recovered excellent from surgery, it has only been 10 days, but she is back to her old self.


    hi my yellow lab was just diagnosed with mast cell tumor and a hemangiosarcoma on her spleen measuring 6 cm. She is on 20mg prednisone a day in two divided doses, pepcid ac, benadryl 50mg at night and k9 immunity. Should i be giving her y.b. on a regular basis or just if she shows signs of weakness? I am confused as to its use in her case. she is 10 years old and the only way we knew she was sick is her mast cell skin cancer on her hind end was bleeding like a scrap sore. she is drinking lots of water and peeing from the prednisone but otherwise happy

    • Dear Roberta,
      have you read the Guide? Are you following the diet? Apoptogens (1/4 labeled dose with pred under veterinary supervision)? I would use y.b. continually in this case. No surgical removal of the mass possible? Chemo is not an option?

  • Chris

    Hi Bruce, Our golden had a cardiac hemangeosarcoma that had ruptured and she was in cardiac failure. We rushed her to the ER and gave her 2 Emergency Yunnan Baiyao pills (the red ones that are like GOLD!) The ER Cardiologist said she had 1-2 hours tops so we figured we had nothing to lose. 14 hours later she popped up and fought us to get out of her gurney. She ran out the back door to relieve herself. We ended up keeping her on Yunnan Baiyao for the duration. She had one relapse 3 days after her ER visit at home and we gave her an emergency Red pill and 4 hours later she was back with us, but her cardiologist, internist, and our holistic vet decided to put her on 1 capsule 3x/ day. After 3 months the hemangeosarcoma solidified and started to shrink. (We did use other supplements including a mushroom formula, and ozone therapy, and monitored her blood pretty regularly.) In her case I do not believe it helped spread any cancer. That being said, I’ve read what you’ve read and have a dog with a mass in his brain now and our new holistic vet suggested yunnan baiyao to help shrink the mass and I’m nervous about doing it even though we’ve had a very good response to it before with constant use. He doesn’t have any bleeds, and isn’t in danger of bleeding, the vet said she’s seen it help shrink cancers in other dogs she’s worked on. Just wanted to put that information out there. My recommendation is to go with your gut. I’ve found my gut is rarely wrong. It’s scary though sometimes.

  • sue scandrol

    My 12 yr old golden recently had surgery to remove a 10 pound internal bleeding tumor. I was told he had multiple blood filled tumors that couldnt be removed. He also had his spleen removed a year ago. I started him on Yunnan Baiyo 3 capsules BID. Due to the bleeding risk of any of the additional tumors, I was under the impression that I should keep him on the herbal treatment long term. I also give him(Reishi/ashwaganda/astralgus/vitamin/shark cartilage and alfalfa) I give him 1/2 the dose suggested of the noted. **Could any of the noted herbs interfere with the Yunnan? **Should I give him the dose thats listed on the bottle?+ **can my dog stay on the Yunnan long term? Thank you

    • Dear Sue,
      I doubt there will be interference, although I am wondering about your choice of supplements overall. Might be worth your while to check out the Guide for some clarification on supplements that may be more useful. In my patients, assuming liver and kidney function are okay, I usually use a half dose of apoptogens, a more well rounded immune support approach with a blend of medicinal mushrooms and modified citrus pectin, avoid the vitamins, avoid shark cartilage, as some ideas to get you started. I am not aware of adverse effects related to prolonged use of YB. Don’t forget to have your vet supervise treatments..
      Dr D

  • Elizabeth Salz

    Dear Dr. D~
    My 10 1/2 year old BASSET was given from a few days to 3 weeks to live 2 weeks ago & a friend told me about your diet. I switched him to your diet & things seem to be going well. He has a cancerous tumor on his spleen, liver & in his stomach. I also have been giving him Apocaps, 3, 3x per day, oyster shell calcium, spirulina, & I just got Yunnan Baiyo because he is at risk for “sudden death” or bleeding out & his stomach is bloated. The dosage said 2 capsules 3 times a day. I saw it should be every other day or 5 days on & 5 days off. Any help? My vet thinks I’m nuts. Also, what about K9 Immunity & an holistic doctor told me to give him vitamin C as that helps kill the cancer. I’m willing to do anything to help my dog, including flying you out to San Diego. 🙂

    • Dear Elizabeth,
      so sorry to hear about your Basset boy.
      One question I have is what kind of cancer is this? Has there been a biopsy? The reason is that the conventional treatment options rely heavily on a specific diagnosis. In order for us to do a treatment plan assessment, this information is very valuable. We can look at data- median survival times, how many respond to treatment, what side effects may be experienced due to treatment, what the rough odds are of these side effects, etc….these are important considerations when considering the right approach to your dog, including the use of chemo and radiation.
      Have you seen a vet oncologist?
      Don’t worry about your vet thinking you are nuts. Just show him a copy of the paperback Guide. Things are changing and sometimes the first step in change is disbelief. You might want to check out:
      All under veterinary supervision:
      Under these circumstances I would use the YB daily.
      Vit C orally is a waste of your time. Melanoma and nasal tumors seem to have the most evidence for Vit C (IV) and it may be that combining it with Vit K3 is may increase efficacy. Other than these, there is not a lot of direct evidence for efficacy.
      I would siggest you also look into oral Neoplasene (have your vet call Terrance Fox at Buck Mountain), as well as artemisinin. Under these circumstances I might use Apocaps, artemisinin, and Neoplasene all together, especially if no chemo being used. Again, have your vet involved.
      K-9 immunity is a beta glucan containing immune stimulant which has decent evidence for helping white blood cell counts and activity. I use it in my patients. Get the old formulation (plain, no flavoring or fatty acids), combine with Transfer Factor.
      Don’t use spirulina right now. There are reasons to use it but not at this time.
      I have to go do consults with east coast vets until early september…don’t think a timely trip to San Diego would work.

  • Elizabeth Salz

    ***I also have him on lots of krill oil & everything recommended in your book. Thanks~

  • Elizabeth Salz

    Hi Dr. D~
    Thanks so much for your quick & informational response. Max, my 10 1/2 year old basset with cancer is still with us & I know it’s due to following your guidelines suggested in your book. We are doing everything we can to keep his quality of life good & I thank you for doing all this research, writing the book & even taking time to answer my email.

    My question for you is in regards to your response to my email above. Max was diagnosed with metastatic sarcoma (I probably spelled it wrong,…oops) with multiple tumors on his spleen, liver & in his stomach. Some tumors being up to 7 centimeters big. They did NOT do a biopsy. They just ‘closed the book’ so to speak. Surgery was not an option because multiple organs were compromised.

    My question is, you recommended oral Neoplasene, which I looked into. My vet has never heard of it but he asked if there was a protocol for it. I have no problem paying for a phone consultation with you or whatever needs to be done. It may not be an option with how advanced his cancer is but your book has gven him a new lease on life so I wanted to check with you. Please let me know about this or if I can contact you via phone. You have given me hope where there was NONE & I highly value your expertise.

    Thank you again for everything you do.
    Warmest regards,

    • Dear Elizabeth,
      your welcome. Guess I’m still confused a bit. You can’t say something is a metastatic sarcoma without a biopsy. Maybe then did a little core biopsy or a fine needle aspirate or something? Basically you need to get some of the cancer to make the call, not look at an image or physical exam. Did they do something? You might want to request the pathologist report to take a look-see. Cancer type is important since we cannot weigh options all that well related in particular to chemo in this case.
      Anyway, most vets have not heard of the stuff I talk about, so that is not surprising. If you are going “alternative”, consider gettting a vet involved who is more familiar with at least some of this stuff. Don’t be afraid- high caliber vets will not take offense. If not, have your vet call terrance fox at buck mountain- he will talk to your vet. don’t you call though…the “terr bear” gets a little picky with who he is talking to from time to time. Terrance is the one who make Neoplasene and has the protocols all written and available on his website. You can order it at the buck mountain website, and could get the IV form too.
      Hope this helps,

  • Buffy

    Hi Dr D,
    I have a cocker spaniel . Last week we did a needle aspire and it came back mast cel. After needle aspire it would not stop bleeding, I try to keep it clean and after a few days i remember when I had a sun conure at the vets office they always used styptic powder and I start putting it on. Not sure why vet number 1 or oncologist never mentioned to use styptic powder to stop bleeding .The problem is: it would stop bleeding at least for some time , but then it start bleeding again, after the needle aspire. Before that it never was bleeding. Vet would not operate as it is to large and refered us to oncologist . Oncologist would not do a surgery for a same reason, too large . First chemo was last Thursday. We are waiting to get smaller in size . It is by her tail. Last 2 years she was taking Immunity, by organic pet superfood , dry food taste of the wild/ grain free/, she eats a lot of green veggies/ low glycemic index. But it was growing soooo fast.
    Now I gave her some Milk Thistle , continie giving her ” Immune” , she is taking Pepsid 10 mg X 2 times a day, a littile colloidal silver I am adding to her water, a ,lots of green veggies with a chicken , Prednisone 10mg 1&1/2 once a day. I stopped giving her metoclopramide and cerenia , as she does not have naausea. Oncologist also giving us DHA 200 mg , but I was reading if mast cell bleeds do not give your dog omega 3 fatty acids. My question, what do you think should I be giving her DHA? What is the best to do to prevent and stop bleeding ? Continew Styptic? It will take awhile to get yunnam baiyao by mail . I could not find a place who sells in capsules , just a powder. Do you recommend a web site where I could find in capsules . Should I give her Yunnan Baiyao orally? Also I was reading somewhere make sure it does not have ox bile .
    Also I was reading recommendation on giving pets with a mast cell Turmeric.
    Please help us ….
    Thank you

    • Dear Buffy,
      sorry to hear this news. I wonder if your pooch is perhaps licking the area? Could this be making the bleeding continue? If so you might look into getting an elizabethan collar. There is a topical yunnan product you can apply directly on the site as another option.
      Also, I would suggest you use the higher potency apocaps which has the silymarin in milk thistle, the curcumin in turmeric, as well as a variety of other beneficial constituents. As always, have veterinary supervision when you change the treatment plan…

  • T Worthy

    Where is a safe and reliable place to order YB online? My 11 yr old Black lab mix has Hemangio and is suspected of having a slow bleed. He is on monometric cyclophosphamide and piroxicam, had a splenectomy (non-emergency) and is otherwise doing great. He is beginning to show some decrease in hematocrit but not dangerously anemic…yet.
    T Worthy

  • Omeria Engel

    Hello Dr. Dressler,

    I just found your website and am seeking your advice. We have a 12 1/2 yr old female rotti. Up until this past May when we lived in NJ she started with a little nose bleed. Long story short, we moved to Florida in June and have been keeping in touch with her vet in NJ (wonderful) At any rate Athena has cancer in her snout. Dr prescribed 20 mg prednisone 2x a day then she knows we rather try natural. So I took it upon myself after reading about it and lowered the dose of prednisone to 10 mg in the am then last night I gave her Turmeric Curcumin now this afternoon her snout is bleeding again so I gave her Yunnan Baiyao (1) after the bleeding started.

    My question is can I give Athen the Turmeric then when (if) her nose bleeds give her a Y B? We don’t want to give hert the prednisone. Guess our vet feels that at 12 1/2 who much longer will she have. “-(

    Dr. had Athena having acupunture treatments which helped her arthritis tremendously and a tumor (the size of a grapefruit) together with her spleen was removed 2 yrs ago it was not cancer!

    She truly was very healthy no meds except for synthroid for her thyroid now this ugly prednisone.

    Please help our baby Athena….She really is my baby….I never had any 2 legged ones.

    Thank you….OE

  • jody

    Hi Dr. Dressler,

    Hope you are well.. I have an 8 year old boxer american bulldog mix — Molly. I had a grade II mast cell tumor removed from her back out thigh area with clean margins. I saw she had something small elsewhere at the time, but failed to mention it until after the surgery (she had so many lumps checked, this was the smallest most minuscule and hidden one that i forgot 🙁 🙁 )… turns out that little one (size of pencil eraser or smaller) is a mast cell as well. My vet sold me Wei Qui Booster and Jing tang — Max’s formula. I didn’t see yunan paiyo in the ingredients. what do you think? She wasn’t prescribed prednisone either. She is on Benadryl and Pepcid… Should I do surgery again? Haven’t had any ultra sounds or scans either.

    Thank you so much for the support and knowledge that you give to all of us animal lovers… so so appreciated!
    with gratitude,


    • Dear Jody,
      One critical thing to think about is what the mitotic index is of this grade 2:
      This is one critical determinant of whether you should treat this tumor as an aggressive malignancy or not. Get the second mast cell tumor out of your dog with wide margins. Your vet should be talking to you about checking internal organs for mast cell tumor in the spleen or other areas within the abdomen too. Don’t worry about yunnan baiyao at this time. You should read the Guide if you have not- there will be upcoming questions where the information will be invaluable. Don’t forget diet and deliberate life quality increases daily, along with antimetastatics, immune support, apoptogens, and also the consideration of chemotherapy.
      I hope this helps

  • Emily

    Hi there,
    my 14 year old Siberian husky was recently diagnosed with a large tumor on her liver that was bleeding on/off. My holistic vet prescribed Yunnan baiyoa, but I don’t think his dosage was correct. He prescribed 1 pill 2x’s daily and was vague about length of time to keep her on. Could you help by suggesting property dosage. She is 45 lbs. Is 5 days on, 5 days off standard? Should I increase the dose to 2 pills 2x’s a day?
    thank you!

  • Steve

    Dr. D,
    I have a 9 year old Golden Retriever that had his spleen removed 10 days ago. A biopsy revealed a hemangiosarcoma (2 cm). We caught this early. All other organs looked good at the time of surgery. My vet suggested Yannan Baiyao but he is not bleeding at this point. Should I hold off or start him now? Will it do hime more harm than good by starting him early? I’m also going to follow your cancer diet.

    I can’t believe this has happen to me again. Rusty is my 3rd Golden only one of which made their 10 birthday. Your advice is appreciated.

    Thank you,

  • Marian Carcache

    My dog has a tumor around her liver. I have had her 14 years and she was a year or two old when I rescued her. I just ordered the herbs I have been giving her since we found the tumor and someone who knew her story was sweet enough to include a gift with my order, Yunnan Baiyao powder. I have read about it, but don’t know what does to her in powder form. Help please? Marian

    • Dr. Demian Dressler

      Dear Marian,
      we take the doses from human doses. First talk with your vet about what you are doing. Then just drop the human dose based on your dogs weight in pounds. You could estimate a human to be about 150 lbs.
      There are a lot of supposedly effective products out there that are not so hot. I would do my research very carefully…
      Dr D

  • Sheryl Novle

    My dog doesn’t have cancer but she has a serious bleeding disorder. I hace a three year old Sheltie with type III Von Willebrands disease. She has been an in-patient in a veterinary clinic twice in the past two weeks for severe nosebleed. The bleeding stopped after cryoprecipitate. She started bleeding again tonight. It was suggested I try Yunnan Baiyao. I’m praying this will stop her bleeding. I can’t sleep and was looking online for help. Would you please tell me how long it will take for me to see the bleeding stop. Is there hope with her serious disease?

  • Anne Stewart

    My 12 year old dog has oral squamous cell carcinoma. My vet said the tumor was too large to remove, He debunked it, but it didn’t help very much. She bleeds from her mouth and has a lot of mucus with a tinge of blood from her nose. I have ordered ES Clear for her and was just wondering if the yunnan baiyao capsules might help with the bledding. She drools a lot and that is when I see the blood.

    • Dr. Demian Dressler

      Dear Anne,
      please take a little time and read the Guide. There is much there that can help and it is easy reading. The yunnan might help but won’t if your dog is accidentally or intentionally chewing the tumor. It should be debulked. I would be thinking apocaps/neoplasene/low dose palladia, among other things…please read about these items and discuss with your vet.
      I hope this helps-
      Dr D

  • Akiko

    My dog is 8 years old. Veterinary found mass in her spleen and remove it. The mass seem like to be cancer(may be hemangiosarcoma). The biopsy result will know next month. I would like to know about herb and diet for keep cancer don’t spread rapidly to another organ. Thank you very much

    • Dr. Demian Dressler

      Dear Akiko
      I am very sorry to hear about your dogs mass. Hopefully it is not hemangiosarcoma but this is common. To answer your question: have you read the Guide? This is a complicated question which is answered in the book in detail. You should be considering chemotherapy, apopcaps, beta glucans, dog cancer diet, among other things. Please discuss these with your vet.
      All my best
      Dr D

  • Alisa Mullins

    My dog, Keeley, had surgery on March 9 to remove his spleen. He had several small tumors (hemangiosarcoma) that had metastisized to his liver (small tumors that the vet described as “nodules”. He was doing great until a couple of weeks ago when he got extremely lethargic and lost his appetite. He was diagnosed as being anemic and feverish. He was treated with antibiotics, a B-12 injection, Pet-tinic, cold laser therapy, and yunnan baiyao. He’s made an amazing recovery, but is still running a bit of a fever. Is there anything I can do for his fever? He eats a healthy diet and is currently on Apocaps, mushroom combo, IP6, papaya and bromelain, and American ginseng supplements. He used to be on astragalus and aloe vera juice as well, but I took him off those when his appetite waned and haven’t added them back yet.

  • Joanne Riddle

    My 12 year old Italian Greyhound recently had his mandibular and sublingual salivary glands removed. There was an additional mass deep in the glands that was removed as well. He has now been diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma. However, xrays and ultrasounds found no tumors on his spleen, or liver, or kidneys, etc. Only thing was a small spot on his heart but he was diagnosed with heart disease 2 years ago and is on blood pressure meds. We opted for no further surgery and no chemo. There is still a small part of the tumor that remains in his neck that I was told by the vet is very deep…close to the trachea. He is on a high protein, low carb diet. The tumor has bled a small pocket in his neck again. Not sure what to do next…maybe try the Y.P.???? Our vet said his tumor is not textbook…so we are confused as to next move, if there is one.
    Thank you

  • Estelle Nelson

    I have a 14 year old Cocker mix diagnosed with epitheliotropic cutaneous lymphoma in July 2012 but was manifesting the skin lesions back to February 2012, just not diagnosed by the vet, being treated for skin infections. He began chemo in August 2012 also Prednisone, the oncologist now states there is no more chemo he knows to give and only Pred 20mg/day being given. He has moderately enlarged lymph nodes, but it seems mainly confined to the skin which is extremely severe, almost compleete hair loss, skin shedding, bleeding, draining tumors, lesions, scabbing on 95% of the body. What do I do now? He eats well, is mobile, sleeps alot. I startedTransfer Factor tri formula plus a month ago, fish oil caps, home cooked diet . What would be the most important thing I could do now?

  • Deborah

    I have a 12 year old American staffordshire terrier who has been diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma. Her spleen was removed back in October right after hurricane sandy hit. My vet recommended YB which she’s been on since 11/19 (1 pill every 12 hrs). My vet is not a holistic vet but he said its worth giving it a shot. I’ve noticed that her gums have been pale and she’s been quite lethargic for the past 2 days. After her surgery I switched her diet to Orijen (senior diet) and wellness (wet food also senior). She’s also getting metacam once a day in her food. I didn’t know until today after reading your article that I should give her the YB for 5 days on and 5 days off. Could that be the reason for her lethargy and bad appetite? Should I stop the pills for a few days? She has an appt with her vet tomorrow. Thank you.

    • Dr. Demian Dressler

      Dear Deborah, getting your dog in is a good choice. I worry about bleeding from a metastatic site somewhere…
      Dr D

  • Brooke

    Dr. D,
    My 11 year old Rottie, Minnie, has been diagnosed with Splenic Hemangiosarcoma as of January 4th of this year. The cancer was on her spleen and had spread to the left lobe of her liver. My vet consulted with other vets and they consider her to be a good surgical candidate. On January 10, Minnie had her spleen removed and part of left lobe of her liver resected. My vet and the surgeon said I had approximately 2-4 months. She’s now 3 weeks out from surgery, but she’s just not herself. She tires easy and is not happy that often. I’m thinking some of that could be what I’m feeding her. She’s a picky eater and she gets pancreatitis, so I need to keep her diet low fat. I’m in the midst of reading your book, and I see the diet you prescribe which I plan on trying. As of now, I’ve been feeding her organic grilled chicken breast, organic ground turkey, organic minced fresh spinach and organic pureed pumpkin. I use the pumpkin to make her eat the spinach, which she won’t eat by itself. I also give her 2 tablespoons of low fat organic cottage cheese once a day. Supplement wise she’s getting 5000 mgs of fish oil a day, Vitamin E 800 IU’s a day, Milk Thistle, 2 Turmeric pills, 2 tsp. of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar, 9 K9-Immunity pills a day, a whole food vitamin called “Spark” made by Rocky and Belle and a digestive enzyme/probiotic called K-9 Zyme made by Earthsong Ranch. Where am I going wrong? I read all these different things on the internet about pumpkin and carbs, what to give, what not to give, and I’m just simply lost at this point. I’m meeting with a holistic veterinarian tomorrow, but whatever advice you can give would be beyond appreciated!!! This dog has been my savior for so long. The ultimate friend! I want to give her the best until the end! Please help!!!

  • Kim

    My dog has been bleeding through her nose. A LOT! The vet gave me this to try and it did stop the bleeding. I have been giving her 1 capsule twice a day and she seems to be comfortable. But to day we noticed a lot of her fur in coming out. Can this be a side effect? I didn’t know to give her a break on this. Should I go to once a day or every other day? She is an 85 lb. Doberman and we believe she has cancer.

  • Kim

    Oops 65 lbs 🙂

  • Carol S

    Our 7 yr old male German Shepherd was diagnosed with Hemoabdomen secondary to diffuse metastatic neoplasia, suspect Hemangiosarcoma. Xray showed nothing but fluid in his abdomen so we took him to a ER for the ultrasound. Both places recommended we put him down then because he had 24-48 hrs at best. He has made it 11 days so far, the little red pill perks him up and he feels much better. I just gave him the second and last one we had, he is getting the Yunnan Baiyao 2 pills 2-3 times a day. The swelling in his abdomen has gone down drastically and he is still drinking and eating, and going outside. He has been breathing heavy for 2 days now. Is there anything else you could suggest? He is still 88 lbs and had no symptoms except belly swelling for a few days prior to his diagnosis.

    • Dr. Demian Dressler

      Dear Carol,
      sorry to hear this tough news. There are a number of steps you could consider, although this sounds kind of advanced. I’d start with this post:
      I hope this helps
      Dr D

      • Dr D, I just heard from Carol that her dog, Milo, lost his fight Wednesday. Sigh. Susan / Dog Cancer Support Team

  • Joni

    Dr. Dressler, our 15 y.o. sheltie had an ultrasound to examine his adrenal glands but during the ultrasound, the specialist unexpectedly found a small bladder mass in the pole of my sheltie’s bladder. He suspects TCC and wanted to biopsy the mass via cystoscopy. Unfortunately that procedure was too expensive for us to do. Our sheltie has had two urinalyses: one was positive for blood, the second wasn’t. The UA culture and sensitivity revealed no infection. We will repeat the UA in a month using a full catch rather than mid stream. Bloodwork, xrays, ECG were normal, echo showed minor to moderate mitral insufficiency, heart otherwise normal. The mass is technically operable but, again considering the expense and with all the potential risks explained to us, we decided not to put our boy through that. Statistics would point towards TCC. We could treat him with Piroxicam and misoprostil on the assumption it is TCC but that treatment can be extremely rough on a very old dog. Under the circumstances, we’ve opted to treat him through nutrition rather than standard medications. I am working now with a wonderful holistic vet and she has prescribed several Chinese herbs: Concentrated Stasis Breaker and Yunnan baiyoa, along with two others. I am feeding our boy your anticancer diet as well. My questions is this: Even though we do not have a definitive diagnosis, although a strong suspicion, should I have my sheltie on your diet and should I go on and purchase the apocaps? Will the diet and apocaps harm him if his mass is not cancerous? Thank you for considering our dilemma.

  • Joni

    Oh, also Dr. Dressler, would there be a problem giving your apocaps along with the TCM Concentrated Stasis Breaker or any other Chinese herbs? If I give your apocaps, should I stop all the other supplements I’m giving: curcumin, milk thistle, Vit A, E, C, Standard Process’ Immune System and Thyroid Support? I also give Ubiquinol and Hawthorn berry for his heart, Bilberry with lemon grass for his eyes, and Soloxine. Sorry for the omission. Thank you.

  • Tammy

    Hi Dr. Dressler,
    Our dog Owen, 9 year old GSD mix has been living 1+ years after diagnosis of a massive Hepatocellular Carcinoma. He was entered in a study for a Transarterial Chemoembolization procedure and although it didn’t shrink his tumor (16cm), it has definitely killed some of the tumor and allowed him a great quality of life so far. We have your book and it has helped us immeasureably with Owen and our other dog with t-cell lymphoma greatly-thank you. Recently, Owen developed nose bleeds–short bleeds that would resolve in 30 seconds or so. We took him to his oncologist who suggested YB and recommended a capsule per day. As we began the regular use of YB, his nose bleeds began to become more frequent. He was on it for a month or so and he was now having bleeds multiple times per day, every day and would last much longer. Just for the heck of it we decided to stop the YB for a week or so and see how it goes. The nose bleeds have completely stopped. Does this scenario make any sense to you? Is this because it is better to cycle on/off rather than take continuously?

    Thank you,

  • Ryan

    Hi Dr.,

    How does Yunnan fit into a regime that includes anti-angiogenesis supplements? For instance, angioblock/vacustatin (bindweed) is designed to cut off the ability of tumor’s to grow by inhibiting vascular formations. It seems like bindweed and others like it could shrink/prevent tumors but also lead to bleeding. While Yunnan could allow more tumor growth but prevent bleeding? Please help with any advice..I am confused and trying my best.


    • curious

      does anyone here have info on this?

  • donna d

    Hi Dr. Dressler – I found your blog very helpful. My dog is on Yunnan Baiyo and has hemangiosarcoma. I also have her on IP6, however further reading is telling me that it can effect blood clotting in the body. Just curious of your opinion. Donna

  • Dimitri

    Dr. D,
    Shelby is a 15 year old Bichon with large tumor pituitary dependent Cushing’s and a torn mitral valvie in her heart. She’s on enalapril, vetmedin and furosemide for the heart and her vet stopped the Vetoryl when an ultrasound showed a mass with pockets of fluid in the liver that is consistent with hemangiosarcoma. Due to the heart condition she is not a candidate for surgery, nor a needle aspiration/biopsy due to the risk of bleeding. I have her on the cancer diet recommended in your book, plus Everpup. I am nervous about giving her Apocaps due to the liver situation, and it’s not clear whether I should only give her Yunnan Baiyao if I suspect she’s bleeding internally (which is hard for me to tell), and if so, for how long? The literature in Chinese Traditional Medicine talks about using Yunnan Baiyao only when there’s active bleeding, not prophylactically, and then only for a limited time up to 10 days. I’ve also read it could speed up metastasis although stopping any bleeding is obviously more important. Under these circumstances, could I add Apocaps, keep the Everpup going, and only add Yunnan if I am convinced she’s bleeding? If not, could I selectively add just certain ingredients that would not affect the liver, such as curcumin and certain mushroom extracts? Thank you in advance for any suggestions! Your book is tremendously helpful.

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  • Diana

    I have a 12 year old Siberian Husky currently on her 6th night in ICU at a Veterinary Hospital. After blood tests, xray, ct scan, rhinoscopy and biopsy—-there is still no visible or clear reason as to why she is suffering intermittent nose bleeds to the point of transfusions. The biopsy did show inflammation, and she was on a daily dose of 325mg of aspirin for 6-8 weeks that’s our only clue (its been a week since her last aspirin). Today she needed surgery to limit blood flow to her nose, hoping the lack of traffic of blood her body can heal and clot?. If this doesn’t work they will do the right nostril, and if that doesn’t work then…I don’t know I guess there are no more options because we don’t know the cause and what to treat. And really the surgery is just to buy time if it is just some kind of tear that happened in an artery that just won’t heal. (maybe she sneezed the irritant out already)
    So my question is…when we get her home…..How do you treat the I don’t knows? The maybes? I figure a healthier diet filled with food that fights inflammation? supplements?, .She already is on Yunnan (the past 4 days so we will continue that). Do we get her apocaps? What if its fungus and not cancer? What if it was just a bad sneeze? Am I on the right track? Is there something better we can do? What should we do next?
    Thank you Dr. Dressler for your commitment to animals with cancer, thank you to anyone who reads this and worries about animals and their well-being, and to anyone who can offer me any knowledge! I want my dog home and happy!

  • Susan Kazara Harper

    Diana, we’ve been trying to keep up with the posts. What is the latest news about your girl?

    • diana

      Hi, Yes Sasha is home. The surgery was a success. She only needed it done on the one nasal passageway. The vets recommended not changing anything since she is a healthy dog. Turns out it was just a nose bleed that wouldn’t heal (thus far). Bloodwork done since the incident has been normal. She is due for more bloodwork in september. So weird. I just feel very fortunate that we were able to afford all the tests and treatment.

  • Power System

    Just like finding out that a loved one has cancer; being told that your family pet dog has this disease is equally as devastating for sure! Pets can develop cancerous tumors and like humans early diagnosis is the key to effective treatment that may eradicate it therefore curing your beloved companion of this particularly nasty illness.

    Due to the excessive number of different types of cancers; it is best to initially discuss the various dog cancer treatments available with your vet to ascertain which treatment will work the best. Your vet will devise a unique treatment plan specifically tailored for your dogs condition and needs based on temperament, symptoms and progression of the disease.
    yunnan baiyao capsules

  • Maria

    My 10 year old Lab/golden Timber was just diagnosed with hermangiosarcoma, they did an ultrasound on Saturday and found she had a tumor on her spleen that burst and she’s bleeding internally. My Dr. Suggested I start her on yunnan baiyao. He’s hoping she gets strong enough for the surgery to remove her spleen. She is also breathing heavy. She is not eating as she normally does and sometimes seems confused. When we walk she stops and sits as if she doesn’t know what to do. Some nights she won’t even go out. I want to do what’s best for her, but I don’t want her to suffer. Is the surgery the best course for her? She also has some lesions on her liver. She’s my best friend and I don’t want to lose her.

    • melissa

      Hi Maria, my lab is my best friend in the world as well and he was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma three months ago when a tumor I didn’t know he had ruptured literally on our way to a check up with the vet. He exhibited no signs that anything was wrong so thank God we had that random appointment. He was rushed to surgery and within an hour he had a lobe of his liver removed long with several lesions. His other organs were clear, but about three weeks ago I noticed that he was having the symptoms you mentioned- he wasn’t eating normally, didn’t want to go out, and was having these sporadic bouts of shallow breathing which seemed to pass. I had him on CBD oil and stopped it when I thought it overly sedated him, but started it again a few days ago. I also ordered Yunnan Baiyo and it got here just before he had another episode which I am attributing to a bleed. He’s been on it for three days and I can not believe what I am seeing. He’s not breathing heavily, his gums are bright pink, and he’s not winded every time he stands up. He even went on a little walk yesterday. I truly believe this is a miracle pill. Despite the fact that we all have been given a grim prognosis, I feel like when we give up, they give up. I highly recommend the YB as well as CBD. We are determined to beat the odds over here! If anyone wants to talk, message back and I will provide my email address- this isn’t easy, but I’m not accepting a death sentence for my guy and neither should anyone. Only God knows when time is up, not vets or surgeons. Bless you all- #cancersucks

  • Andy

    I just want to provide feedback on using Yunnan Baiyao. Our lab came down with Hemangiosarcoma on his heart. Broke our hearts. They gave him several days to a week to live. That was in March 2017. After much research we started him on Yunnan Baiyao, two morning, two at night (90lb lab). He made it till Aug 25th, a full 5 months. You know what? He got another full summer and he was HAPPY. I recommend this to all of you for your dogs with bleeding cancers. And always remember this: for the years of love you get, you must endure a few months of sorrow at the end. As far as I’m concerned, it was well worth it. See you at Rainbow Bridge, buddy.

    • Karen Schultz

      I have an 8 yo boxer diagnosed this week with the same condition. Did u give your lab this dosage continuously or took a break at 5 days? My heart breaks for all those affected.

  • Kryzia

    Dr. D,
    My dog has an ear hematoma– would this be appropriate to use?

  • Natalie Lense

    My e bully is doing fantastic. He is out living all expectations….my HEALTHY 130lb boerboel just ate one pill…is she in any danger???????? HELP????