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True Tails from Others Who’ve Battled Dog Cancer

your-dogs-true-tailScroll down this page to read just a handful of the “True Tails” we’ve received over the years from readers of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide, and please feel free add your own review of the book using the button below.

If you love to write and have a longer story to tell about your dog’s cancer journey, we would love to hear from you. We take submissions on the True Tails submission page. Telling your own story — and the story of your beloved dog — not only helps you, but also helps the thousands of readers every day who visit this blog for help with their dog’s cancer.

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A Wonderful Guide

We just lost our beloved pug, Sam (11 years old) . He was diagnosed Oct, 2011 with stage 4 mast cell cancer. Your cancer survival guide helped me every step of the way for the rest of his life. His survival was estimated 18 months and he lived 36 months. After reading you book, I chose not to have operations or chemo. I gave him APOCAPS and along with a very understanding vet he had many good months. After his death I gave the Vet. your book and she feels that the Apocaps helped prolong his life. Thank you for your guide book. Mine was well read and very helpful from diagnosis to the end of life for our Sam.


from his review on

As founders of, the world's largest community for canine amputees (most of whom are battling bone cancers) since 2006, we've reviewed many different books about canine cancer. Dr. Dressler and Dr. Ettinger's book, the Dog Cancer Survival Guide, is absolutely the most informative, comprehensive and useful book that we've seen.

The sad fact is, dog cancer is the number one disease killer for canines. Until there is a cure, we as pet guardians must serve as our dog's #1 health advocate. Whether or not our dog currently has cancer, this book is a must-have for us all.

Dr. Dressler's first edition of "The Dog Cancer Survival Guide" has been one of our most highly-recommended reading materials since it was first published a few years ago. The newest edition is even better and more comprehensive.

In a nutshell, here's why we think everyone with a dog should read this book. You'll learn:

* Why and how you should cope with your own emotions before embarking on your canine cancer research
* The latest discoveries about cancer's origins, treatments and cures, all written in an easy-to-understand format for the layperson
* All of the most promising holistic therapies that are proving helpful in treating dog cancer
* How to talk to veterinary professionals, friends and family about your treatment choices and what you're experiencing
* When to make end of life decisions and how to cope with grief

This 400+ page textbook is jam packed with the latest information about conventional treatments and helpful holistic therapies that anyone with any budget can pursue. You'll get a comprehensive description of different dog cancers and related treatments, as well as a thorough appendix filled with information about published dog cancer studies you can share with your veterinarian.

Dog Cancer Survival Guide's information is grounded in reality and doesn't make any promises that it will cure your dog's cancer. But Dressler's strong sense of empathy and wisdom extends a guiding hand to readers that's so desperately needed when faced with canine cancer. You'll feel empowered, hopeful, grounded in reality and ready to face whatever comes next with the same Zen attitude as your canine hero.

A big shout out goes to both docs for giving pawrents the layperson's first authoritative, empathetic and hopeful tool available for coping with canine cancer. Get this book today.

Rene Agredano & Jim Nelson

Susan Taniguchi, Avondale, AZ USA

from her review on Amazon:

Having purchased Dr Dressler's first book which was great, I find this book well organized and very informative. If your dog has been diagnosed with cancer then self education is the key and this book will give you great information so that you can talk knowledgeably with your vet and come up with a plan of attack that will best suit your dog. Offer to share the book with your vet, we did with Dr. Dressler's first book. Our vet was receptive and read the book. After that we were able to come up with an informed approach to deal with a second Mast Cell Tumor. By working closely with our vet, we saved the expense and stress of radiation therapy (all that was offered by the oncologist vet) and Pebbles has had no reocurrance of the Mast Cell Tumor for two years. I can't thank Dr. Dressler enough for the infomation and his experience. Dr. Dressler saved our dog from a horrific option of radiation. If I had not read this book, I would not have been as well informed.

jwe, excerpted from

I've grown weary of losing so many of my best friends to cancer. With the diagnosis of lymphoma and a prognosis of four weeks if left untreated, I asserted the responsibility as guardian and primary advocate of my 11th Collie and insisted that our vet tell me: "If he was your dog, what would you do?"

His answer: "The Wisconsin 25-Week CHOP Protocol." We use the schedule on page 346, table 25-7, of Henry's "Cancer Management in Small Animal Practice," Saunders, 2009.

Dr. Ettinger's "Bottom Line" on page 307 also gave me hope when she wrote: "I rarely answer the question `would you treat this cancer, if this were your dog'... Yet, I make an exception in the case of lymphoma and readily answer `yes, I would treat this cancer, if this were my dog.' "

Our dental veterinarian told me: "If I were a dog and I had to have cancer, lymphoma would be my choice." Now entering the 14th week of this protocol, my 11th Collie is happy and his old self playing and running through the fields with my 12th Collie.

When the head of the Collie Rescue in Colorado (where I adopted my 12th Collie) suggested I look at "The Dog Cancer Survival Guide," I ordered the kit (PDFs, Apocaps, and video access) from Amazon. While awaiting its arrival, I downloaded the PDF version of the book and "The Dog Cancer Diet," and began reading.

I have not read "The Dog Cancer Survival Guide" cover to cover; probably never will, but my paperback copy is threadbare and worn. Gossamer pages - highlighted in yellow and noted in red - are falling out. I've read and re-read multiple times everything that applies to my Collie's cancer: lymphoma. I loaned the book to our veterinarian who is co-operative and open to its new ideas - for example, "chronotherapy and chemotherapy drugs," p139-140; and he assured me that he subscribes to other ideas - such as, giving an antihistamine before slowly administering Doxorubicin, p401.

"Five-Star Indispensable" is how I describe "The Dog Cancer Survival Guide." It anticipates readers' questions and offers suggestions with a common-sense approach - for example, Dr. Dressler's philosophy regarding supplements: that sometimes, some is better than none; and at other times, others are redundant while a few can cause problems. The term "Full-Spectrum" is a powerful adjective that raised my interest and expectations. Despite the possibility that the book might offer snake-oil remedies, Dr. Dressler and Dr. Ettinger didn't disappoint. They care about the reader. They care about the reader's dog.

Note: I've incorporated portions of the book's suggestions for all three of my Collies. Yes, Apocaps are expensive, but twice in fourteen weeks, Amazon has offered "three-for-the-price-of-two" specials. Considering the variety of supplements it includes, Apocaps deserves serious consideration as the primary supplement of the full-spectrum treatment.

Of the portions of the book I've read and ideas I've researched, 99.99 percent earn a rating of Five Stars. Until the next edition of the book is published, I can overlook the other .01 percent.

JM, submitted on Amazon's review section

I purchased the first edition of the Dog Cancer Survival Guide in October 2009. At that time one of our Boxers (she was three years old) was diagnosed with Mast Cell Tumors (she had three removed).I was devastated, I had no idea where to turn to get help. We had the surgery performed to remove the tumors but had no idea what to do next. All I wanted was someone to help me do all that was possible for my beat friend.I found the Guide online and it answered all my questions and much more, it gave me a direction to go.
When I found out about the new Guide and that it was available I was elated.The first Guide was great however the new Guide is exceptional.The new Guide is so comprehensive covering from what now, your roll and mission, emotional management, all phases of cancer and causes, treatments, nutrition and so much more.
The first guide I used to learn all I could, and put in place a plan which included preparing vegetables, meat, and giving supplements and vitamins, digestive enzymes, reducing certain ingredients and adding certain ingredients. We exercise and play every day. It has been two years and to this day there has been no recurrence.
I can only believe that the Cancer Survival guide played and still does play an importain part of her outcome and recovery.I did, still do, and always will refer and review the information the Guide presents to me. It plays a major role in our daily life.

Enough cannot be said, this is truly a fantastic publication.

Thanks for everything,
Jon Marshall

S. Ross, submitted on

In my years as a Veterinary Technician, I have seen the pain and suffering that cancer caused in our canine patients. And also would see the fear and uncertainty in the eyes and hearts of their owners. And while it was my job to help both the patients and owners, it wasn't until I faced the dreaded cancer in my own fur baby that I realized I too needed more information on how to fight cancer and in particular, Mast Cell Carcinoma. I was feeling overwhelmed and very much in the dark as to what would be the best way to treat and help Lucy, what hope was there, and what more could be done to combat this killer. That is when I got Dr. Dressler's first book, "The Coping Guide", and then his first edition of "The Dog Cancer survival guide" . Armed with these two great books, I took on the challenge and did not feel so lost or alone. By following Dr. Dressler's suggestions on supplements, and diet, and also using his cancer support supplement - Apocaps, I felt that I am giving Lucy a much better chance to survive than with just the conventional treatments at hand. That was two and one half years ago and our Lucy is still doing well and has remained in remission. And now with this newest edition of Dr. Dressler's book, the average pet owner has even more information to help them fight and win the battle.

Don't wait to get this book as knowing what to do before you are faced with cancer is the best approach. The layout of the book is great with chapters on the various types of cancers, conventional and alternative treatments, supplements, preventions, etc. Tragically at one point or another everyone will eventually know someone or be that someone who will need the information within this book. I keep this new edition close at hand for quick reference whenever needed.

titanoman, from review section

My overwhelming grief when I got the news was clouding my decision making ability when I needed it the most: Chemo or no chemo?
It didn't take much reading at all to learn that CHOP Protacol is a good thing; the right choice, most of the time.
Chemo isn't always cruel and ugly.
My dog had 1-2 months; now she may have a year.
And she is happy, not sad, that my decision, much more informed thanks to this wonderful book, gives her more time.
More time to be with me, and I with her.
My grief is never too far from the surface, yet deeply embedded within my heart.
This book, which I refer to when I am sad, not when I want to be sad, lifts my spirits like no one can.
The best medicine for Indio, besides the chemo, is my strength.
The strength to smile when we look into each others eyes, when it's easier for me to cry.
My mask musn't be transparent; she lives to make me happy, and I can't let her down.
It takes a very good book to pull this off. To fool her; to trick her. To not let her know that anything is making me sad, in pain.
For what could be worse than our best friend having cancer must be our best friend with cancer being sad because we are sad.
What a shameful way to spend our only counted days together; the last days we will ever share together.

This book just does it all. The professional knowledge about cancer and chemo; and the vast array of insights, and some words of encouragement we need for the emotional roller-coaster that we must endure until, and long after, that day is here.
That day that has been on our mind no matter what: rain or shine, happy or sad, sick or well. The day that has cast an ugly gloom on the sunniest summers day. Like a filth that you can't shower away, or a pungent odor that is stuck in your nose, that you must breath in always, no matter what.
The day you always wondered how you would handle, and what life would be like afterwards.
The grief will be suffocating, nauseating, overwhelming.

But that day must come, for it is written in stone.
And we must handle it. For our life will go on, when theirs is done.
But then we can cry, and we won't need to hide it, anymore.
We can cry as the dagger pierces our heart, and the pain, that we have known for so long, can freely, finally, flow away.
And the scar that is left, the memory that is fresh, will ever so slowly become but a tender thought; a passing whisper of something too familiar, a part of our past that we must allow to be, because we can't say goodbye, that one more time.

This is what I'm going through, and I'm having a real tough time.
These thoughts and feelings, will be a part of, controlling, me for a year or so.
And I wouldn't be handling it without this book. It takes the bite, the razor sharp edge, the pain and fear, from my foremost mental function, and puts it on a pillow in my back bedroom.
I can avoid it for awhile, but from time to time, I must use that room.
And rest my head right on that pillow: confront it, talk to it. The thing I don't like. The thing that wants to control my life.
But I can come and go to and from that room when I must, when I can.

S. Bertsch, Hudson, WI

If you are looking at this book, chances are you are facing the devastating news that your beloved canine has cancer. I was there once, too, and thank heavens I was led to the 1st edition of this book. *Even if your dog does NOT have cancer, this is STILL a book every dog lover should own.* I was curious about how the 2nd edition would be different -- sure, a lot of information is the same, but it is extremely well organized with creative "sidebar symbols" which make the book a bit easier to navigate (and believe me, you'll read it over & over, since it is such a powerful resource). Cancer affects dogs just as it affects people, and the section on "What You Should Know About Dog Cancer" has a lot of info that applies to people, too. Another strength of the book is that it promotes "Full Spectrum Cancer Care", including insights about allopathic (traditional) treatments (with significant input from a vet oncologist) as well as valuable info about complimentary (alternative) treatments. There is no doubt that this book contains information your vet, no matter how accomplished, will simply not know about (who can know everything about every veterinary condition?, which is why you need this info from Dr. Dressler!).

If you are lucky enough to be looking at this book because you are simply interested in keeping your canine as healthy & hopefully cancer-free as possible, you will feel bolstered by new details about diet, nutrition, and supplements. I got this book because one of my dogs had cancer, but ALL my dogs will benefit from the education I've received about dog food, the immune system and end-of-life care.

I have shown this latest edition to some friends and relatives and all found it hard to put the book down (but I made them do it because I will not part with my copy). This book is easy to read & understand, but best of all, it will give you comfort, courage, strength & proven tools with which to better love your dog!

Marty Goldstein, DVM, Holistic veterinarian and Host, Ask Martha Stewart’s Vet on Sirius Radio

The future is upon us and this ground-breaking book is a vital cornerstone. In dealing with cancer, our worst illness, this Survival Guide is educational, logical, expansive, embracing, honest – and so needed.

Robert B. Cohen, VMD, Bay Street Animal Hospital, New York

The message of this book jumps off the written page and into the heart of every reader, and will become the at home bible for cancer care of dogs. The authors have given you a sensible and systematic approach that practicing veterinarians will cherish. I found the book inspiring and, clearly, it will become part of my daily approach to cancer therapy for my own patients.

Laure-Anne Viselé, Dog behavior specialist and technical dog writer,

Picking up The Dog Cancer Survival Guide is anything but a downer: it’s an ‘empowerer.’ It will make you feel like the best medical advocate for your dog. It covers canine cancer topics to an unprecedented depth and breadth – from emotional coping strategies to prevention – in plain English. Read this book, and you will understand cancer stages, treatment options, and types, and much more. If you have just had the dreaded news, pick up a copy and it will guide the decisions your dog trusts you to make.

Stanley Coren, PhD, FRSC, author of many books, including Born to Bark

I wish that I had had The Dog Cancer Survival Guide when my dearly beloved Flat-coated Retriever, Odin, contracted cancer. It would have provided me alternative courses of action, as well as some well needed “reality checks” which were not available from conversations with my veterinarian. It should be on every dog owner’s book shelf--just in case...

Barbara Royal, DVM, The Royal Treatment Veterinary Center, Oprah Winfrey’s Chicago veterinarian

A comprehensive guide that distills both alternative and allopathic cancer treatments in dogs… With the overwhelming amount of conflicting information about cancer prevention and treatment, this book provides a pet owner with an easy to follow approach to one of the most serious diseases in animals.

Bob Goldstein, VMD, Veterinary Director for Healing Center for Animals, Westport CT

Dr. Dressler and Dr. Ettinger have succeeded at the incredible task of writing a book that really helps pet parents who are struggling with the many decisions faced when their beloved animal has been diagnosed with cancer. Presenting and explaining both complementary and conventional medical options for the treatment of cancer in ‘one book’ is a giant step in the direction of ‘one medicine’ offering integrative medical choices to pet parents for the betterment of their animal’s health.

Ruth MacPete, DVM, Practicing veterinarian, writer and media personality

The Dog Cancer Survival Guide is a great resource for pet parents whose dogs have been diagnosed with cancer. This easy-to-read book provides important information about canine cancers and discusses both conventional and holistic treatment options. Besides being informative, the book helps guide people as they navigate through a difficult and emotional path.

Jan Rasmusen, National award-winning author, Scared Poopless: The Straight Scoop on Dog Care

As a holistic dog care author, I knew exactly which experts to consult when my sweet Maltese Jiggy developed a large liver tumor. But even with advice from a top cancer specialist and help from a half dozen veterinary friends, I still had numerous questions. Exactly how should I adjust Jiggy’s diet? What supplements should I add? What else could I do to help him? I found the answers I sought and more in Dr. Dressler’s book. I was particularly impressed by the thoroughness of the information. The book is easy to read, but wonderfully complete. If your dog has cancer, I urge you to get two things: a second opinion ... and this book.

Pennie Clark Ianniciello, Costco Book Buyer and Book Reviewer

The Dog Cancer Survival Guide is indispensable reading for any dog owner dealing with cancer… this book guides, supports and educates you!

Therese Kopiwoda, Pet Blogger and Founder of

The Dog Cancer Survival Guide is like a crash course in canine cancer for the layperson. It takes a bit of the mystery out of the dreaded disease by teaching some of the what, why, and how regarding cancer and cancer treatment. After reading it, you will be better equipped to help your best friend live life to the fullest, regardless of the prognosis.

Matt Cantine, White House, Tennessee

Caesar was diagnosed with a Mast Cell Tumor Grade/Stage III when he was just over a year old. We had a clean removal of the tumor from his inner rear thigh, and began chemo very shortly after. It was a very scary time, but we were fortunate to have a great vet who made some fantastic recommendations to a local pet store. The pet store owner made a recommendation to a lady who specifically deals with Boxers, and she recommended The Dog Cancer Survival Guide. We have recommended the guide to our vet and anyone we know who is going through this horrible process. Caesar has six month checkups and he is now approaching four years old. He has smashed most of the statistics out there and I directly attribute that to Dr. Dressler’s book, our support group and the diet he is now on.

Mike Bertuleit, Bowling Green, Kentucky

Dr. Dressler’s book was the only comprehensive research I was able to find on this subject. I found it to be thorough when dealing with all aspects of cancer in dogs with a personal touch that made me feel that he was addressing me personally.

Bob Andersen, Broadway, Virginia

We learned a significant amount from the book, and we continue to use it as a reference. Our standard poodle has had a tremendous boost out of chemo (there has been only one round of the 19 week protocol), and we are now at over nineteen months since the end of chemo and we are approaching two years since diagnosis. Apocaps is central to her regimen still, and we use and have used many other recommendations from the book as well. She has lived, and more importantly she has thrived, well beyond the statistical norm, and we credit the book and Apocaps for much of that success. Dr. Dressler is honest and realistic about prognosis, and yet he offers hope and evidence-based advice, and the learned and professional integration of conventional and alternative approaches is something that we did not find anywhere else.

Lori, Bethesda, Maryland

The radiation oncologist that we saw after the tumor was removed suggested five weeks of radiation, for five days a week, all for the “small price” of $10,000! They only did the treatments between 8am and noon, making it virtually impossible for anyone who holds a job, but you could leave your dog there for the day for an additional charge of $35per day!! I was beside myself, but I also just wanted it all to go away, so initially, I was willing to pay. However, the more I thought about what that would be like for Yoda, I couldn’t bring myself to do that. I thought, if his days are indeed numbered, I don’t want to burn his little leg so that he can’t run and chase bunnies and squirrels and deer. It was about the quality of his life. I had to find an alternative, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. The radiation oncologist and his vet told me that if I didn’t have the treatment done, his tumor would grow back in three to six months. Well it has been one year and six months and the growth hasn’t come back! Certainly, he is aging and isn’t as agile and playful as he was when he was a puppy, but his 10th birthday is April 30th and I couldn’t be more happy! Ever since I adopted him (three days prior to his first birthday!) he has had a steak for his birthday. This year I may make it a filet mignon! THANK YOU for your book, because it gave me the support, strength and encouragement I needed to turn this entire situation from doom-and-gloom to complete possibility for something different.

Cynthia McKinnon, Sanford, Florida

I read The Dog Cancer Survival Guide The Dog Cancer Survival Guide fervently. It has become my “bible” in taking care of my dog. This book has helped not only my dog feel better, but me, too!!! Any dog lover who is facing cancer in a beloved dog truly needs to read and devour the information in The Dog Cancer Survival Guide. This amazing book “took me by the hand” and has given me avenues that I never would have known about otherwise. I cannot recommend this amazing book enough or sing it’s praises loud enough!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Dr. Dressler!!

Sandy Miller, Palo, Iowa

This book was extremely helpful to me. Even if it had not helped extend Apollo’s life - which I am convinced it did as we were given maybe 6 months and we got 18 months - it explains things that you didn’t hear at your appointment or were too overwhelmed to absorb. It helped me understand how canine cancer works and what to expect. This also prepared me for Apollo’s appointments because I was able to ask educated questions and feel that I was a part of his healthcare team and not just his advocate. This book helped me make better decisions for Apollo so that we could preserve his quality of life for as long as possible. There are a lot of sad truths in this book that as a dog owner suffering from cancer, you don’t really want to read ... but they are helpful. This book was worth every penny and I
would (and have) recommended it to anyone who has a dog diagnosed with cancer.

Kim Gau, Stow, Ohio

My dog is a beagle named Gordon. We rescued him in 2000; we don’t know how old he was at the time. In September of 2009 he suddenly got very sick. “Critically ill” my vet said. He ended up having a splenectomy. Lab results of the biopsy: hemangiosarcoma. Median life expectancy: 3-6 months. I asked the vet every question I could hoping there was a sliver of hope. Could the lab results be wrong? Could the splenectomy have removed all the cancer cells? Has a dog ever beat it? Our family agreed we didn’t want to put him through any chemo or radiation. Well, a few weeks later I had Dr. Dressler’s book in my hand and was following his Full Spectrum cancer care. I was cautiously optimistic. It’s been 18 months since his surgery and he’s doing great. The vet has even said that he “thinks we beat this.” I’ve made some adjustments accordingly, but I still make Gordon’s food and use the supplements according to Dr. Dressler’s recommendation. I credit Dr. Dressler and his research and his book every bit as much as my vet and his surgery for saving Gordon’s life.

Valerie Sachs, Pepper Pike, OH

When I heard the diagnosis that my dog had cancer I had no idea where to start, what to do. After taking some time to contemplate what was in front of us, I realized I needed more than just “medical” language, more than just a clinical approach. I needed a game plan for us and for our dog. I know her and love her and needed to make the right choices. The bottom line for me was “no regrets”. I needed to make sure I understood the range of alternatives available, that I was making choices that were “right” given all the circumstances and that I would have peace whatever the outcome. The Dog Cancer Survival Guide gave me a starting place, empowered me to ask questions, push for alternatives, challenge the status quo and change the landscape. Whatever happens now, there will be no regrets on my part.

Heather G., San Antonio, Texas

When we first found out that our ten year-old Labrador had cancer, we had a sonogram done of his entire body. It showed that the cancer, which had started in his anal gland, had spread to several of his lymph glands, some of which were grossly enlarged. The vet, on seeing the sonogram results, told us our dog had 6 to 8 weeks to live. We immediately started using the strategies in Dr. Dressler’s book, including the high-protein, low-carb diet, the cancer-busting supplements, the immunity-strengthening methods, and the self-esteem building activities. We first used alternated using Luteolin and EGCG, as well as Doxycycline, Modified Citrus Pectin, K-9 Immunity and Transfer Factor, Multivitamins, and Fish Oil. Then, when Apocaps came on the market, we used only Apocaps, along with the K-9 Immunity and Transfer Factor, multivitamins, and Fish Oil. We used all of Dr. Dressler’s immune boosting strategies, including having our dog in a completely dark room for nine hours of sleep each night. We gave our dog some type of exercise every day, whether it was a short walk, chasing a Frisbee in the yard, or playing ball in the house. We also played fetch and tug-of-war games with him. We also gave him hugs and plenty of petting every day. You could tell that he was happy...his tail was always wagging. Our dog lived not only 8 weeks, but 18 MONTHS longer, largely, we believe, due to Dr. Dressler’s suggestions. He amazed every veterinarian we knew! We were so thankful to have the blessing of this extra time with him. In addition, his quality of life during all these extra months was very good. He was not constantly nauseous and fatigued, as he would have been if we had pursued chemotherapy. He was his normal, happy, energetic self. And when we realized the end was finally near, Dr. Dressler’s advice on how to make the final decision and how to deal with the stress and sadness of losing our beloved friend really helped us. I can’t tell you how thankful we are for this book! It was truly an answer to our prayers.

Susan McKay, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Having The Dog Cancer Survival Guide is truly like having a second opinion (in my case a third, along with my general practice vet and the canine oncologist overseeing Sparkle’s treatment). It was so reassuring to me to have good questions to ask, and to see that what my vets are recommending agree with Dr. Dressler.

Debbie Granger, Chesterfield, Missouri

I was devastated when I learned Buddy’s cancer had returned. The same ache in my stomach, the tearing of my heart came back. He had seemed to recover nicely from the melanoma. I had great vets. His affected toe had been amputated. His previous x-rays were clear. How could this have happened again? I immediately started searching the internet. The news was so grim that I felt nothing but despair. How could I watch my pet, my friend, suffer through this? I clicked on Dr. Dressler’s site and scanned the info on his book. I realized that I had to play an active role in Buddy’s” treatment. I immediately ordered the book (e-mail copy.) I downloaded the 300+ pages as soon as i got home from school and began reading. While the news was still alarming I began to feel a little hope. Notes and read up on the research cited. I jotted down questions and was ready form my initial appointment with Buddy’s new oncologist. I listened, questioned, and re-hashed what the oncologist explained to me. I quizzed her about her background, research practices and philosophy of medicine. I was amazed she actually agreed about the medication (doxycycline) to give to Buddy. I began Buddy on the Apocaps and massage therapy. We began daily walks and a dietary change from Beneful to an almost grain-free dog food. I spent more time telling him how grateful I was to him and much more time on my knees praying for a miracle. I began to “beef up” Buddy’s weight and chart his progress. I held my breath and expected the worse. It hasn’t happened yet. Buddy’s blood count is great, his weight is up and his attitude is wonderful. While the doctor says is too soon to tell, she has suggested that he is getting better. She has actually said on more than one occasion that if she didn’t have Buddy’s chart in front of her she would never suspect he was at all sick. I keep waiting for the miracle of Buddy being healed. In the meantime, I know there are options to sitting back and letting the worse happen. I am more optimistic and grateful for Dr. Dressler’s book. It has brought me closer to God, given me hope for the future, peace of mind, and avenues to follow to help Buddy and the rest of my family cope with this “trying” situation.

Lora - Penny, Batavia, Ohio

I loved the book. It helped me greatly. I took what I learned from the book to my vet. I now have a plan of action that I feel very good about. Thank you.

Jeanmarie Gelinas, Annandale, New Jersey

Reading "The Dog Cancer Survival Guide" provided insight into the cancer and alternative healing options to help.

Walter F

Your book is a superb compilation of both human and animal psychology, and a very detailed approach to the care and comfort of the family pet through the worst encounters for both concerned.”

Veronica Evans, N. Yorkshire, UK

At this very stressful time it's very easy I felt out of control of things, that there was nothing I could do to help my beloved pet Bella. The book gave me hope that there were things to try so I know I did everything I could and the help with my thoughts was invaluable & calming, I no longer feel like an express train is running off with me.

Allie Johnson, Kansas City, MO

Dr. Dressler's sensitivity and understanding of the emotional side of going through a cancer diagnosis and treatment with a beloved dog was amazing. I loved the fact that he recognizes the importance of a good mindset and that in order to take care of our dogs, we must first take care of ourselves. The exercises he presented for coping with the emotions and developing a good mindset were wonderful and very helpful. In addition to that, I really appreciated getting an honest take on both conventional and "alternative" therapies from a doctor who uses and accepts both. That made me feel like I was getting straight facts and not spin. Also, Dr. Dressler's description and presentation of research on alternative therapies that have been proved to work really helped me decide which treatments might be best for my dog...Thank you for a terrific book that was worth every penny and more. I will consult it often as I work with my dog in this fight against cancer.

Wendy & Dennis

Words cannot express my appreciation for all that you do... without your help, we would not have had all the years together with our “best friend.” Thank you for the work you do and for being kind and compassionate.

Lon Patterson, New Braunfels, TX

Great information ... best source of real-time, broad base, knowledge of canine cancer that I have found. I am currently trying to get detailed, very specific cancer information to supplement the Survival Guide. I believe that with the Survival Guide as an overview and then with additional specific type-of-cancer and individual dog treatment(s) this could be the most outstanding approach and solution to fighting and winning the war on canine cancer. Many cudos to Dr. Dressler for his work to this point-in-time and his continued efforts to achieve this common goal for all of us who love and are working digilently for their pets survival.

David Bartling, Fort Collins, Colorado

Just a few short weeks ago, Max, our German Shepherd, was diagnosed with lymphoma. My wife and I were devasted that our seven year old would be afflicted with this horrible disease. Not wanting to just give up on him, we started doing research via the internet and found several sites offering hope. We watched Dr. Dressler's video and made the decision to order his book. While we know that cancer is a very tough disease, the book has given us great hope that by using the information, we can make more informed decisions with our veterinarian and perhaps lengthen Max's life as well as his quality of life. Very well written and easy to understand.


I have almost finished reading your cancer book. All I can say is bravo…thank you for your research and information.

Chris S, Washington DC

Thank you for writing and publishing this book. We've been through this before but this time I thought it would be nice to have a "guideline" to remind me of what I needed to do and to give me that assurance that I was doing the right things and first and foremost, making sure that my girl is as happy, confident, and comfortable as possible. She wants to fight and has proven she wants to fight 4 times already, we're here to support her fight!

Meghan M - Northern Virginia

There is so much information available out there about cancer and related treatments, but this Guide manages to compile most of it into one resource that is easy to understand, concise, and updated. When you are hit with the news that your dog has cancer it is overwhelming! So I appreciate that the Guide walked me through so much detail in a short amount of time while allowing me to keep my sanity. I searched the internet for reliable, trustworthy information about dog cancer and treatments, from traditional to alternative. This was one of the only places where I could find decent, specific information. One of the most helpful sections is the beginning of the book, which assisted me in calming down and accepting my role as my pet's caregiver.

Chad S.

Dr. Dressler thank you for your book and your fight for our canine friends!

Alicia Murdock - Pembroke Pines, FL

I recommend the Guide to families that are looking for options, other than Chemotherapy. It has helped me understand how I can attempt to help my beloved pet, even when things looked so grim.


Your book helped me deal with my wgs dog Snowwhite, I was able to extend her life by several weeks...I feel that book of yours was the best doggie investment I ever bought. I still read it from time to time to help my new dog and take good care of her now.

Kim Willenbrink

Thank you for your caring skill, your compassion... and your wonderful "pet-side manner!"

Katie C

Thank you so much for the book.

Linda Hubatsek - Maricopa, AZ

Petra's cancer grew so incredibly fast, that I only had 4 days to get as far through the book as I could (while still having to work 10-12 hr days). In that time, I was able to make some healthy changes to her diet. But what I am most thankful for in this book, is that the 1st few chapters dealt with my emotions and how to help my beloved pet by controlling my emotions. I will be forever thankful that I took the time to thank my Petra for all she gave me! Although my time with her was cut way too short, I was able to to thank her and say goodbye in a way that gave me some peace. I miss her horribly, as her pain got too severe too quick and her entire body became hypersensitive to pain, but I do highly recommend this book to all dog owners.

Sarah S

I have read the book thoroughly and must congratulate you on producing such an in depth publication, for some it will be a savior. No dog owner should be without this book, as it offers so much before Cancer is traced in their pet as well as expert advice in every facet of the condition. I am sure your comprehensive book will help so many people in a similar situation to me and my dog. Thank you for writing this book.


Thank you, Dr. Dressler, for your riveted focus on treating cancer in dogs. Your book was so valuable and helped with a number of issues, esp. nutrition and supplements. May your work continue. . . forever!


Your site - and the book - has been an absolutely invaluable source of information. Thank you again.

Seth S

I just wanted to say thank you very much to Dr. Demian for the support that his book gave to my dog.

Amber & Jeff

Thank you so much for saving the life of our precious baby Theodore. Our home is happy again thanks to you... With much Aloha, Daphne, Keko, Angela, Daniel & Gina... and their humans, Amber & Jeff

Barbara Duckworth - Jacques, 9 y.o. YorkiePoo with bone cancer, Perry, FL

Our beloved Jacques started his journey to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. He had bone cancer of the nasal started eating the bone holding his teeth on the right side of his mouth and instead of going around to the left side, it went the other way and caused blindness in one eye and was starting on the other eye. It was getting to the point that breathing was difficult for him due to the thickness of the discharge from his nasal passages. This all happened so fast. I feel we were able to handle the situation due to reading The Dog Cancer Survival Guide and it is helping us to accept Jacques' passing now.

Tika, Paige, & Clark

Grateful I am for all your love and care for Tika. I wish you all were in California. I would be your life long customer!!!

Anne, Brian, & “Kona” Taylor

Thank you from the heart!... We will be forever grateful... We're thrilled to have one of our family members, Kona, home with us!

Todd McCuen, Charlotte, NC

The book covers so many different things that you can try to provide health and comfort that your dog deserves (and you too). The suggestions are doable and are things you can easily get access to in order to provide assistance. This book goes into the detail that your vet just doesn't have time to share with you. It is a great resource.

Jackie C. Dias

I call for all God's Miracle Blessings to all of you to flood you and your loved ones – forever for your wonderful care of my buddy Tigger! Fat and sassy she is exploring her new home... We have had our former “love fests” and she slept at the foot of my bed in her round fluffy bed! You see all is well thanks to the efforts of all of you! God Bless you forever...

Keenan Huschke

Thank you for everything you have done for my pets and family. You are much appreciated.

Sandy Smith, Orange, CA

I needed to know more about how I could help my dog get through this trying time and I have found this help in your wonderful book...thank you for writing it and informing all of us so we have the knowledge to help our wonderful pets.

Mike P - Jett, Great Dane with nasal tumor

I found your book online and bought the download and the printed copy. Thanks for all the work you accomplished to assemble the guide.

Sonya West, Fort Worth, TX

My name is Sonya West. My husband, Jerry and I live in Fort Worth , Texas and have an 8 year old 35lb Catahoula mix. She has been diagnosed with osteosarcoma . Her tumor is in her hip joint. We have her on previcox and she takes fish oil, vitamin c, vitamin e and tramadol. We’ve been feeding her barely cooked hamburger meat, eggs, and Beef broth mixed with her regular dry food. She has been favoring her leg quite a bit but, still gets around good. I work for an orthodontist and one of our patients mother is a DMV. Dr. Rhonda Daniels. She told me to call you because of your all natural medicine. She has referred some of her patients to you and now their dogs are in remission.

Joyce Santana - Shain, 9 year old Rottie Mix with Osteosarcoma, Township of Washington, NJ

I downloaded "The Dog Cancer Survival Guide" and the more I read, the better I felt. I am more prepared to help my beloved dog and don't feel frightened or alone...Thank you so much, Dr. Dressler!!!!! I would recommend this book to all dog owners and veterinarian's.

Valerie Sachs - Maya, 9.5 year old German Shepherd with Renal carcinoma, Pepper Pike, Ohio

The Dog Cancer Survival Guide helped me to quickly get organized in order to address in a thoughful fashion the devastiing news of cancer in our beautiful dog. There were few warning signs - she is a big, strong, happy dog - so this hit us like a sudden storm in the night. I now feel that we have a process to sort out our options, discuss them with our vet / oncologist in a productive way and also a way to assess non-traditional treatments. This book has provided me with a measure of peace. We are still in the process of addressing treatments, understanding side effects and adjusting to the reality of cancer, but I do not feel that we are going it alone or blindly. Thank you.

Jo Anne

Dr. Dresslers book helped get me through my dog's cancer.

Kim, Bully, and Nani, Maui, Hawaii

It's hard to express the depth of my gratitude and how deeply your care and kindness touched my heart It's hard to express the depth of my gratitude and how deeply your care and kindness touched my heart and my soul... I “Thank You” from the depths of my heart for caring... With so very much love and appreciation, God Bless you!and my soul... I “Thank You” from the depths of my heart for caring... With so very much love and appreciation, God Bless you!


Your book “The Dog Cancer Survival Guide” has been a tremendous help and comfort.

M. Shlopsky Ontario, Canada

I purchased this book not long after my 14 yr old dog had been diagnosised with cancer and shortly afterly Dr Dressler released his book in the winter of 2009. My little dog was failing fast and I wasn't getting any information about how best to assist her outside pain medication. I did my research and found Dr Dressler's site on line. His philosophy as well as information about canine cancer impressed me so I ordered his book. I followed the information he outlined to the letter and as a result was able to give my dog an extra 10 months of quality life. Within a week after starting Dr Dressler's program for dog's with cancer I was able to put aside the doggy stroller and walk my dog again. The folks in our neighbourhood who were used to seeing us go with the dog were amazed with the difference in her. The stroller did not come out again until the last week of her life. I credit this wonderful man's reseach and sharing that reseach with us to the extra 10 months I had with my dog. Dr Dressler also walks the reader sensitively through the process of knowing when it is time to let go and how to do that in a healthy manner. I have recommend his book over and over again.It is easy to read and understand and I know it works from personal experience if it is followed.

Joanne Foley

Thank you so much for all the information in this book, you have given me hope. I have started Leah on lots of the supplements you recommended and hope to give her as long a remission as possible.

Lisa and Bear

I am very grateful for the knowledge you share, and the emotional support I gleaned from your book...I passed the book on to my Vet, for them to read and pass on to anyone going through that terrible experience. And God forbid I ever have to go through that again, I would pay just about any price for another copy of your book !!! I’M FOREVER GRATEFUL !!!

Judith A from Wllingboro, NJ with Max, 10 yo English Shepherd with hemangiosarcoma

Someone on a Yahoo! dog cancer list suggested this book for me shortly after Max's diagnosis, and I am so glad I followed up and obtained it. The book helped to put things in perspective, gave a truly excellent account of how cancer "works", and gave tons of info on treatment options and lifestyle changes to help the dogs. I find I am also more aware of my own health as a result of reading this book. It should be read by everyone who has a dog with cancer. Thank you, Dr. Dressler, for taking the time to research and prepare this valuable tool.

Steven McAfee, Fort Wayne, Indiana

We were very grateful to find such a resource as this book. There is so much misinformation on the net and so many self-proclaimed or new age experts today, it was a blessing to find real information backed by real research. Thank you!

Julian Trevino, Roseville, Michigan

DO NOT GIVE UP! Read the book, cry, laugh, and love with your pet. Use the book to formulate a realistic game plan in regards to attacking the disease to the best of your abilities. When you love a pet as evidently you do (given you found this book and Dr. D), you’ll find trying will make a world of difference to you and will reflect on your pet as well. It was well worth the time, effort and money spent and I would pay tenfold for this information. Dr. Dressler presented everything in a REAL light. Nothing was sugar coated but at the same time the recommendations all had supporting information as to the “why” this can work, and how the research has come about.”

Christine Darg, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Buy this book; you won’t be disappointed. It will help you prepare yourself for all the challenges that come along with your dog having cancer. So many of the things he recommends seem so logical and are things you need to do to help yourself before you can help your dog. You find yourself saying “Wow, this makes so much sense” but yet it was something you hadn’t actually thought of yourself.


True Tails are stories submitted by readers of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide who want to share their story in order to support, nurture, and inspire other guardians dealing with dog cancer. Have your own True Tail to tell?