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Caesar was diagnosed with a Mast Cell Tumor Grade/Stage III when he was just over a year old ... he is now approaching four ... he has smashed most of the statistics out there and I directly attribute that to Dr. Dressler's book.

-Matt Cantine, White House, Tennessee

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What People Are Saying:

  • avatar Dr. Barbara Royal, DVM The Royal Treatment Veterinary Center, Oprah Winfrey’s Chicago veterinarian

    A comprehensive guide that distills both alternative and allopathic cancer treatments in dogs … With the overwhelming amount of conflicting information about cancer prevention and treatment, this book provides a pet owner with an easy to follow approach to one of the most serious diseases in animals.

  • avatar Bob Andersen Broadway, Virginia

    ...  we are now at over nineteen months since the end of chemo and we are approaching two years since diagnosis. Apocaps is central to her regimen still, and we use and have used many other recommendations from the book as well. She has lived, and more importantly she has thrived, well beyond the statistical norm, and we credit the book and Apocaps for much of that success. Dr. Dressler is honest and realistic about prognosis, and yet he offers hope and evidence-based advice, and the learned and professional integration of conventional and alternative approaches is something that we did not find anywhere else.

  • Sandy Miller Apollo's Mom, Palo, Iowa

    Even if it had not helped extend Apollo’s life – which I am convinced it did as we were given maybe 6 months and we got 18 months – it explains things that you didn’t hear at your appointment or were too overwhelmed to absorb ... worth every penny and I would (and have) recommended it to anyone who has a dog diagnosed with cancer.

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So What’s in the Dog Cancer Kit?

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The Full Spectrum Approach to Dog Cancer

  1. Consider conventional veterinary treatments: surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. But before you just say yes, find out exactly what your vet thinks the recommended procedures will do for your dog. And don't forget to manage their many side effects. 
  2. Consider nutraceuticals: forward thinking veterinarians and dog lovers in the know have embraced the cutting edge botanicals available in apoptogen blends like Apocaps, as well as Artemisinin and Neoplasene. These have helped hundreds of thousands of dogs with cancer. Some can even be used right along with conventional treatments.
  3. Boost the immune system and limit metastasis with supplements: but do it strategically. We have come to understand that the immune system is a delicate and complex system -- and giving it mega-doses of antioxidants is not always the best idea. 
  4. Change the diet: a step most of us can take tonight! Feeding your dog the best, most healthy diet possible is not just a tasty change, it's essential to helping your dog fight and even beat cancer.  
  5. Change the brain-chemistry: possibly the most fun step in Full Spectrum Cancer Care. A happy, calm, content dog stands a better chance at fighting and beating cancer. Mind-body medicine works -- and it helps you, too.

About The Authors

Dr. Demian Dressler, DVM practices in Hawaii and is internationally recognized as “the dog cancer vet” and blogs at

Dr. Susan Ettinger, DVM is a veterinary oncologist and a diplomate of the American College of Internal Medicine who practices in New York.

Together, they explain to the average dog lover that no matter what you’ve heard, there are always steps you can take to help your dog fight (and even beat) cancer.

Their book, The Dog Cancer Survival Guide, weighs in at 496 pages, but it's written for the average reader. Scientifically sound and thoroughly researched, it's your complete reference for practical, evidence-based strategies that can optimize the life quality and longevity for your dog. No matter what diagnosis or stage of cancer your dog has, this book can help now.

Get the Dog Cancer Kit and Get Your FREE Apocaps Coupon Code Now.

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